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You see, my problem with EqG is something even more fundamental.
It’s not what EqG is, but what it could have been.

Instead of a movie about anthro alternate universes, whose main point of success was how it “wasn’t as bad as we expected”, we could have been given a proper MLP movie. Y’know, perhaps one that actually takes place in Equestria?

This world already has an insane amount of awesome backstory and story-writing potential. Lots of interesting creatures like the Changelings and Griffons and Dragons, nations and magic, and interesting locations like the Crystal Empire and Tartarus and Equestria itself. We have a lot of history that has yet to be filled in, such as the origins of the Royal Sisters, Discord’s first reign of tyranny, the Changelings’ origins and Sombra’s rise to power.

We’ve got all of this, wrapped up in a colorful world full of varied and dynamic characters set in a pseudo-Victorian-era medieval world.

But instead of tapping into that GOLD MINE of a universe, they bring the main character and her sidekick to an alternate universe where NONE OF THAT EXISTS. EqG, to me, represents a huge amount of wasted story potential. And no matter how good it is on its own, that’s what I’ll always see it as.

A waste.


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