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10 Memes That Will Make You Go 'That's Literally Me'

Did you ever come across a meme and scream, that’s Me IRL to your cat at 2 am? Your cat might not have been interested, but we have got just the right thing to fuel your desire to be recognized in the images you see online. The subreddit /r/me_irl is Reddit's home for these. This sub has been posting these relatable memes since 2012. Me IRL (with the term IRL being an acronym for 'in real life') is a popular online term that is used to describe an image or video that relates to how people are feeling or situations that people have been in.

The best description of these memes is given by the subreddit in question, which describes them accurately as “selfies of the soul.” These memes can be nostalgic, sarcastic, self-deprecating and wholesome. But they all have one thing in common — they are all incredibly relatable. Here are 10 memes for you to scream "that’s Me IRL” at.

Only explanation.

mo Ole No, I signed a NDA "Can you explain this gap in your resume?"

(Source: Reddit)

Tough to get an explanation out of that now.

Do you ski?

People who grew up with money will look you dead in the eye and ask you something crazy like "do you ski?”

(Source: Reddit)

Too loud.

if you think gun shots are loud, try opening this late at night.

(Source: Reddit)

Almost loud enough to wake the whole society up.

Anyone would be scared at the sight of that.

I'm looking for the stupid guy who painted this dog like a tiger. I ran 2km to save my life. I only stopped when he barked, only then could I tell it was a dog →→

(Source: Reddit)

Used to writing and reading in roman numericals.

Kids under II travel free Do more of what you love.. Tube it. Bus It. Train it. #LetsDoLondon MAYOR OF LONDON BEST DAY EVER Not me reading this as kids under 2' as if I'm some sort of Roman Empress TRANSPORT FOR LONDON

(Source: Reddit)

How to achieve goals 101.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT » SELF FULFILLMENT How To Achieve Your Dreams 1 Lower Your Expectations. Maybe, your new dream can be having $14 in your checking account? That seems achievable for you

(Source: Reddit)

$14 seems achievable.

Need more motivation.


(Source: Reddit)

Scariest of all nights.

uber driver: fun night? me:

(Source: Reddit)

Too early to make me feel old.

*cashier checks my ID in half a second* Me: "That was fast" Cashier. "Yeah, I saw the 19" Me: ALL

(Source: Reddit)

About to ruin the whole day.

my entire day a scheduled phone call

(Source: Reddit)

Going to be busy all day thinking about the call.

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