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15 Of This Week's Most Relatable Memes

As we go into the realm of relatable memes, get ready to nod your head in agreement and exclaim, "That's so me irl!" The events and oddities that we all encounter on a daily basis are exquisitely captured in these funny memes. These memes serve as a helpful reminder that we're not alone in the struggles we face on a daily basis, from the agony of repeatedly pressing the snooze button to the joy of finding the ideal parking spot.

These memes perfectly represent the rollercoaster of feelings we all experience as we make our way through the workweek: the Monday blues, the midweek slumps, and the lovely Friday joy. Therefore, these memes serve as a reminder that we're all in this together, whether you're an introvert looking for consolation in related jokes about canceling plans or an extrovert who can connect to the hardships of small conversation. So take a seat back, unwind, and read through these poignant moments.

Enjoy the fact that your daily life has been brilliantly captured in a meme and laugh, share and enjoy it. Because sometimes all we need to get through the day with a grin on our faces is a good chuckle and a relevant meme. So let's take a look at 15 relatable memes from Reddit's /r/me_irl.

Need to go to the hospital fr.

Me: *goes to bed* My nostrils: OG M

(Source: Reddit)

The all-in-one meal.

is it 5 pm? oh wow time for breakfastlunchdinner i'm starving

(Source: Reddit)

It's the thought that counts.

When you realize you only replied the message mentally and never actually send the message.

(Source: Reddit)

Men be like.

Emma Pettit @EmmaJane Pettit Boyfriend is sitting by his computer eating sausage with Wikipedia opened to the page "Sausage." 1:18 PM - 26 Jun 20. Twitter for iPhone

(Source: Reddit)

Random boost of motivation.

Laziness Random motivation at 2 in the morning More laziness

(Source: Reddit)

Spotify moment.

"My favorite bands? I just find music I like & put it into a giant playlist." CARTOON NETWORK

(Source: Reddit)

No one kills my vibes.

when even your job cant kill your vibe EEEEE

(Source: Reddit)

Hits too close to home.

When people say videogames make you violent but you're too scared to click the rude dialogue option because you don't want to hurt the NPC's feelings

(Source: Reddit)

Busy rn dhmu.

Relate "i can't go out, i'm busy" me being busy: CA

(Source: Reddit)

I have no enemies.

Typing an entire rant and deciding not to press send ここ

(Source: Reddit)

What's the move God?

Me trying to figure out God's plan for me How exciting, another closed door.

(Source: Reddit)

Or else gonna have to stay awake all night.

Me trying to stay sleepy while going to the bathroom at 3am

(Source: Reddit)

Older and wiser.

I don't procrastinate. I intentionally wait until the last minute because then I will be older, and therefore wiser.

(Source: Reddit)


Me googling a phone number instead of answering it

(Source: Reddit)

I was surviving there, not living.

When someone asks me about directions in the city I lived my whole life

(Source: Reddit)

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