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17 People Who Totally Missed The Joke

There have been times in all of our lives that we didn't understand a joke right away. In the moment it is a little embarrassing, but when the moment passes, you either catch on or someone has to obliterate the comedy by explaining it to you, leaving you feeling dense. In all fairness, certain jokes are just too subtle or niche to get right away, and in that case, it's okay. We've all been there at one point or another, and it's difficult to decipher different types of humor once in a while.

The real issue arises when a joke is so obvious that someone has to have been living under a rock to not understand them or not even catch on to the sarcasm. It's like it just flies right over their heads, hence the Reddit subreddit titled /r/woooosh. This subreddit is curated to collect the moments caught on screen in real-time of times the joke went right over someone's head. Here are 17 awkward moments of missing the point. Have you ever been this person?

History Facts

This is an outrage. This beautiful, endangered Tyrannosaurus Rex was bound to a trailer, unable to move for 30hrs. This is animal cruelty, at its worst. JUNE It's not a real one. They extinted millions of year ago. 4h Like Reply

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To be fair it looks realistic.

I Mean He Could Though

||F 103 O # general Today at 6:23 PM Plumber: I finally unclogged your toilet *card declines* Plumber: Today at 6:24 PM He can just give him cash Q Message #general 8 1 e

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The Tattoo Curse

Sponsored This is how tattoos spread. Always wash your hands. ΠΎΡ‚ B That's definitely not true. What is your point with this post? Do you have something against tattoos? 3 d Reply

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Would be kinda cool.

You Didn't Solve it

Am I the first human to be color blind and solve a 4x4 rubik's cube? But you didn't solve it 10h Reply -47

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Powered by Mematic

21:26 ← r/meirl I-DON'T KNOW WHAT MEMATIC IS AND AT THIS STAGE I'M TOO AFRAID TO ASK made with mematic Op: I don't know what mematic is Also op: this meme was made with mematic : Reply Also op 'r/woooosh' Add a comment 2 ||| 79% 0 OP β€’ Now Share Vote

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Who's Ency?

*Fire alarm goes off* Teacher: Emergency! Kid named Ency: whomst has awakened the ancient on there's no kid named ency Imao

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Surely someone out there is named Ency.

This Is Bad Guys

Got a tattoo of my dad on my arm 2.9k 48 ↑ Share Where's the tattoo? I don't see it. This is bad. Am I missing something? ✰ Reply Vote

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Bad deal.

Watt Did You Say

Teacher: What is the unit of power? Me who didn't hear the question: What? Teacher: 1.6k CORRECT 20 Share 3h Watt is this meme about? I don't get it. Reply 22 A unit to measure power is Watts which sounds like "what".

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John Cena

you are what you eat africa: HUAT 320 comments Stickman MPGⓇO Wait they eat John Cena? + 14.4K X

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KreekCraft @KreekCraft - 7h I just found out Roblox Servers will be under maintenance on February 29th - February 31st and nobody will be able to play during those dates. BIG RIP We're making things more awesome. Be back soon. 785 t 319 Dynamite 1939 @JakeBadley17 ROBLOX 1 Quote Tweet 4 Likes 4,428 169.4K Replying to @KreekCraft Yo Kreek I think you need to go back to school and learn that February doesn't have 29 days or more 5:01 PM - Feb 28, 2023-734 Views 3 (β†’ β €

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Could've Been Funny

Which is heavier, 10 pounds of water or 10 pounds of propane? Lmao they would be the same weight No But they are both 10 pounds? Because Propane is a lighter fluid But propane is a lighter fluid

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White Text

I have black text I have red text WHAT WAS THAT, PUNK? -37m Did they forget the text, it doesnt say anything Reply Vote

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This Is Dumb

Can u call me I can't find phone Ok I'll wait my Yeah one Sec let me find my phone I can't find it can you call me Delivere Sure β€’ 17m How would they text without phones? Reply ↑-6 12m I don't know. It's not like that's the point of the blog joke 3+

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I Think It's a Green Onion

( r/funny Posted by u/ChrisTweten 6h. i.imgur 4 5 5 Awards New Airpods leeked *leaked 1h 39.2k Reply 413 Share

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We Are All Dumb

er/me_irl Posted by of the you! me irl Memes This cat lost vision in one eye, but thanks to modern technological advancements, his vision was repaired. st 10.9k 5h. 58 Share Are you all dumb? It's very obvious that he put an eye of a doll Reply +-1-

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No It's CapriSun

Astrology girl: *literally hits me with their car* Me: what the Astrology girl: sorry it's because I'm a caprisun 875 4h It's Capricorn 24 ↑ Share Ronly

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$10.00 +$2.39 shipping $12.39 & FREE Shipping Anthony Hero 13m Your basically paying the same price lol

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