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20 Insane Posts Made By People On Facebook

Facebook is a big and dangerous place and has been shrouded with lots of controversies in the past due to how easily misinformation and other forms of harmful content can be spread across the platform. That being said, it is still one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet, with almost 3 billion monthly active users, you're bound to find a lot of unhinged content posted on there.

Reddit's /r/insanepeoplefacebook collects some of the craziest posts online, while they aren't all technically from Facebook, many of them are, and they truly give you a glimpse into the types of people that are allowed internet access. From Trump's crazy rants on Truth Social, to truly baffling comment sections on Facebook posts, it has it all. Here are some of the top posts of this past month.

Very Hot Take!

Donald J. Trump . @realDonald Trump · 1h WORLD WAR III Q1.17k 2.47k 6.64k ...

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I Don't Like Your Answer

Do you consider Russia the enemy: 27 Volodymyr they bombed my home so yeah 22 1 У відпо So sounds like you're making an emotional appeal. I asked you *why* they are considered the enemy.

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Spreading Lies Is Fun!

Transvestites committed 25% of mass shootings in the last 4 years. They make up less the 1/2 of a percent of the population. Like Reply Share 3h Now you literally just made that up. Like Reply Share

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Guess We're All Gay?

If you're attracted to her you're a latent homosexual. Sorry, I don't make the rules. ...

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Ancient Archaeology On World 4d. A 7000-6000 year old burial of a young woman (aged around 20 when she died) and her newborn baby from Vedbaek, Denmark. By her head were 200 red deer teeth, and the child is cradled in the wing of a swan with a flint knife at its hip. It's thought the pair died together in childbirth 255K Like Comment 7000 yrs???? ..even Denmark didn't know it was Denmark..,the lies we get from science is amazing 3d Like Reply Share View 84 more replies... View 18 more replies... 5.3K comments • 10K share 3d Like Reply CO ☺☺ 506 How did they took their pictures 6000 years ago science and lies 1d Like Reply C C 93 Chipiro Charity Nokuth.. Maybe Its possible if you mention 60/70 years ago!!!!!... but 6000/7000 years??? not possible man .. its fake & so called story 742 you. Di...

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Breaking All Social Norms!

5h This is Daniel Radcliffes (Harry Potter) Girlfriend. Now what do you see? ff Bell t nitario tiff 3,688 1,356 ff MOVE Replying to @suzseddon Women don't rest their arm on men's shoulders. 4:18 AM 06 Apr 23 7,290 Views ISA tiff 1,932 1.6M Bell go

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Oddly Specific…

Elon Musk @elonmusk falling in love hits different when you know they're a paid actor sent by the CIA to distract you from dedicating your life to dismantling the government

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Tate's Matrix Is Real!

Andrew Tate @Cobratate There's a woman from Poland who writes me each day She says if I am Morpheus that she is The Oracle She assures me in no uncertain terms, That without me, the next generation of men would have been doomed. And she has the most beautiful handwriting I've ever seen. 1:31 AM Mar 18, 2023 4.7M Views ● 2,823 Retweets 315 Quotes 59.7K Likes 439 Bookmarks 27 (→ e

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What Is Shedding?

r/unvaccinated 5h My fiancé chose to get vaccinated Fully! . 3h < Now I don't want to marry him for the sake of future offspring! He regrets it now. But its too late. What should I do? I'm fearful for the health of my futures kids. FYI I told him not to get the jab and he did it anyway. ↑ 61 + ↑ Share 145 + How long ago did he get the shots? If you've been intimate since, get yourself checked out. He probably sterilized you via shedding already. Reply 43 ↓

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Twitter, The Official Hub Of Experts

K Tweet Stew Peters @realstewpeters. 1d Doctors are some of the dumbest and most dangerous individuals in modern society. 377 558 3,082 128K ↑ I stopped trusting doctors a long time ago and rely on real experts like folks on this app

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Replying to ( Here's the thing with girls 22 or under, they smell massively different to a girl of 28. Girls 16 to, say, 23 have this creamy, buttery, slightly sweet smell that is unbelievably magnetic. 2:02 PM 5/21/22 Twitter for iPhone

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Don't Pay Your Taxes!

// Lady Joan-Marie @TinkOR2022 Actually, the IRS has no jurisdiction over America. It has jurisdiction over DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, & other US territories, but not over America. The IRS is only allowed to collect taxes on import/export & excise taxes from foreign entities. 7:25 AM 3/6/23 691 Views ● ●

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He's Safe

This is MY mask librul HOLY BIBLE Con

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Hoping These Two Can Work It Out

I'm seeking a willing sperm donour, serious applicants only. Do it for science. Like Comment Share 1 It's me, your boyfriend again. I'd appreciate it if you could talk to me in person about these kinds of things instead of airing our personal business on Facebook. 51 minutes ago Like Reply Hi This has nothing to do with you You're not a part of this. 47 minutes ago Like Reply

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Darn You Pewdiepie!

The Art of Purpose @creation247 What changed? YA 1969 Golfing Resorts 7:55 AM 3/23/23 2.5M Views OUT 2023 COUNTERCULTURE

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Love When Kanye Posts on Facebook

I am addicted to the family tree app! I was able to follow my direct descendant line back 102 generations all the way to Adam and Eve! I also found my ancestors correlation to Jesus Share Like Comment

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Maybe Don't Do That?

18 hrs What do you guys think of microdosing meth for ADHD? My son (7) was diagnosed with ADHD recently and got prescribed Ritalin. The problem is that the pills contain lactose and we are a vegan family, so I won't buy them anymore. However, I still have some meth laying around and was wondering what dose my son would need to help him focus?

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Thanks Sneako!

SNEAKO @sneako Abraham Lincoln didn't care about slaves. Civil War was about taxes. North was just as racist as the south. The Confederacy held original American values of freedom. 1:25 PM 4/5/23.952 Views ... . 1 Retweet 24 Likes

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Jesus Is The Solution!

8m ● What makes Jesus so attractive after a school shooting is that he knows how to sit and weep with you. While politicians grasp immediately for power, Jesus grasps your hand and your heart. Like Comment x Share

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We Need More Freedom Fighters!

"Where do you see yourself in a couple years?" Me: imgflip.com 6 Like Comment Share I tell my son all the time he is going to be a little freedom fighter. Crazy but honestly that is where we are headed 39m Like Reply 1 I know we are going to need as many fighters as we can get. Because they will not stop till our freedoms are gone

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