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20 Insane Questions People Asked On Quora

There are many insane people on the internet, and usually, you don't have to look much to find them. Most crazies online expose themselves without even trying to. When people have unfiltered access to the internet, they're given the opportunity to share almost anything and everything they want. On the website Quora, you can create an account and then ask all sorts of questions you want, in the hopes that someone else with more experience on the topic will respond to you.

More often than not, most people ask quite ludicrous questions. Reddit's /r/insanepeoplequora compiles some of the wildest questions that people have asked. It's hard to tell whether some of these are meant to be jokes or not, but if they aren't, they are very worrying. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Minor Mistake

Quora All related (33) A Open in App Continue reading Sign In Recommended V Anne Philip X Author has 4.4K answers and 2.1M answer views . 6mo Related Why is Prince Charles the heir and not Prince Philip? It may have escaped your notice but Prince Philip is dead.

(Source: Reddit)

Never A Dull Moment

Questions for you Does Black History Month also include black cats as well, because white Europeans did them dirty too? 3 answers. Last followed 30m Follow - 1 Answer Pass

(Source: Reddit)

What The Actual Hell

Mothers +4 I'm preganant with my brother's baby. He's so hot and I like his muscles. It was consensual but an accident. Our mom walked in on us but she was on meth so I don't think she saw. I feel like if tell her, she'll get mad at me. What do I do?

(Source: Reddit)

Dangerous People

If a child is a masochist and asks for pain, would it still be considered as child abuse? All related (33) Kai Derensel Recommended ✓ X

(Source: Reddit)


X I ate 50 pounds of straight up mold today. Is that okay for me? ลบ Question 2 Answer Follow →0 Request Ⓡ Details ooo More

(Source: Reddit)

Not The Best At Geography…

Is England in Canada or Michigan? 8 Answer 20 Follow Request i Details 000 More

(Source: Reddit)

Definitely Hope This Is Bait!

My 6-year-old daughter's teacher told her that as a white person the highest grade she is able to earn will be a C, whilst the black and LGBT kids get automatic A grades. Does this seem fair to you?

(Source: Reddit)

What. The. Hell.

Robin Wright. Follow Homemaker at Wright's Paradise (1995-present). Jan 24 What are some good ways to discipline a child without shouting? Hmmmm, let me think. How about baring their little butt and spanking it for a couple of minutes. Tough question, lol. Upvote 11 D 2 G

(Source: Reddit)

Some people should truly never be parents.

If I Don't See It, It's Not Real

Self Employed. Updated 2y Is ADHD actually real? Is there any actual evidence? Cause it's a massive thing in the USA and UK but here in France nobody even knows it and everyone's fine.

(Source: Reddit)

Slightly Racist?

How can I look more Korean/Asian? (i) Details 2 Answer Ø 6 Follow +00 Request You cannot write an answer You aren't allowed to write answers to questions. 000 More

(Source: Reddit)

Is Privacy Too Much To Ask?

← Question My 16 year old daughter said she "just wants to be alone" and she keeps saying she wishes she has a door. What do I do? I am not giving her a door. 8 Answer 68 Follow Request 000 More

(Source: Reddit)


My 13-year-old kid started taking longer showers within the last month. Should I be worried about what he is doing? He is a 13 year old human who is being completely normal. Unless he is using all the hot water and you need to shower after him, let him be. My only other suggestion is to make sure he has shampoo for oily hair, decent anti-perspirant and acne medication as needed, to combat the not-so-fun part of adolescence.

(Source: Reddit)

I Wonder…

Quora Open in App OAD Z If my thirteen-year-old daughter is not doing anything bad, what reason would she have to be "uncomfortable" with me placing a camera in her room?

(Source: Reddit)

It seems that there are a large amount of examples of parents exposing themselves to be unfit to take care of a child.

Quite Ironic

Why do people use search engines like Google or social media like Quora to find answers when Jesus Christ has all the answers? 05 Answer Follow Request i Details 000 More

(Source: Reddit)

If Jesus has all the answers I wonder why he even asked this question to begin with?

Call The Police, Obviously

Quora 1 W 2 Answer 2 What should I tell an employee at little Caesar's hot and ready when they have no pizza hot and ready? ล Follow Ad by Upwork Open in App 1 2 i Request Details 000 More 000

(Source: Reddit)

This One Must Be Fake

Quora 1 ឃ 2 CO Open in App 4 M My husband is divorcing me because I cheated. Can I get half of what he owns without getting also the kids? I want to have fun with the money and I think the kids would take too much of my time. Q 2

(Source: Reddit)

The Classic Gay Pipeline…

My 4 year old son is surrounded by his girl cousins all the time and I'm worried he might turn out gay. What can I do to make him more masculine?

(Source: Reddit)

Villain Behaviour

My husband sent my 7-year-old step-son to boarding school because I dislike him. However, he comes back for a month during vacation. How can I limit his vacation time as much as possible?

(Source: Reddit)

What Is Wrong With Some People?

My son refuses to spend time with his family, so I deleted his YouTube account. He said he had 2 million subscribers and he's moving out. How should I explain to him that he's being unreasonable?

(Source: Reddit)

Devil's Music

My son has been listening to an evil genre called metalcore, how can I convince him it'll lead him to hell and how church sermons should I take him to to get the demon out of him? % Answer ล 7 Follow Request 000 More

(Source: Reddit)

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