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20 'Intimidating' People Making Sure You Know Not To Mess With Them

You can find a large and strange variety of people on the internet. There exists one certain group of totally tough people who require everyone to know just how tough they are. It doesn't get much more intimidating than these people. These are the true alpha males. The leaders of society. The people who are gonna stand up for what they believe in, whether it's right or wrong. The truth is though, the toughness these people give out is generally a facade. If they really were that tough they likely would not feel the need to flaunt it online.

The majority of these people hide behind their keyboards and screens, typing out their biggest tough-guy fantasies without being able to actually back any of them up. Whatever helps them sleep at night, I suppose. Moments of people pretending to be tough are littered all over the internet. Reddit's r/iamverybad*ss is full of documented moments of pure alpha intimidation. Here are 20 of the cringiest moments of people trying to be tough online.

Weird Flex

Why even bother screaming on a rollercoaster? What more can you get out of the experience by screaming? You're just wasting energy instead of enjoying the ride. And it's annoying to all the other people on the rollercoaster, I'm not for the prohibition of screaming on rollercoasters but I just think people who scream are rude, just like people who talk during a movie. 8h Like Reply 22

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believe me buddy my sense of humor is so dark you couldn't see a thing. my sense of humor so dark 9/11 jokes aren't the half it it. 3h Reply

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Write a Will First

Antwort an If you tried with me you'd be in the dirt, nothing nuanced about that. Q1 27 Antwort ar. Tried what? Q1 22 VIY 27 2 ₁499 ₁491 Antwort an C Let meet up and you try to hit me. Let's see how it goes for you. Write a will first. 01 go 313 بار

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burninhell666 Today at 8:56 PM Sup bud burninhell666 Today at 9:04 PM Like the name?

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Showed Them

I remember this one teacher said to me "that's why u in the same grade" I threw my chair across her classroom and went tf off cause WHO ARE YOU?! 464 likes Reply View 48 more replies 3

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Only 20lbs

1 God Emperor Nuke Today at 5:27 PM I haven't worked out in 12 years and I can still knock people out 2 I just wait for their jaws to be open, and knowing you, I wouldn't have to wait long 1 Idc how ripped you are it only takes like 20lbs of pressure to knock someone out 1 5lbs of pressure to tear an ear off! It's like peeling an orange 1

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Just Cringe

I identify as a threat. My pronouns are try / me 2:04 am 27/03/2023 ...

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Alpha Truck


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Andrew Tate @Cobratate Lock yourself in your bathroom without your phone or laptop and try to sit for an hour. I'm at day 43 and counting. I almost cried today. Almost. 1:49 PM 11 Feb 23 38.5M Views . .

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game developers working 16-hour days for 3 years just to get death threats from 12- year-olds and a 30% rating on steam 28.4k 310 Just unplug the internet cables r/iamverybadass : MAHIGAN STATE Share Reply + Award -5

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Bring it on

OP. 1h It's a sub-Reddit where people share pictures of their stacks, it's fine. Besides I'm heavily armed, have dogs and I'm a martial arts expert, I'd almost welcome the challenge. D3V1LSHARK. Now 40 r/iamverybadass If you welcome the challenge post your address 1

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I Am Concerned

Joe @SexyJoe420 stay safe you killed the man but not the idea

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Do You?

Andrew Tate @Cobratate My right hand has been crafted into a dragon's fist. My left hand has perfected the tiger's claw. My heart remains pure. Do you understand?

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MegglezOfficial . 2h Carry a gun. Jumping is lethal force and in some places, attempted murder. ... Reply trollingtrolltrolol. 3m And then what do you do when they jump you and take your gun? ... 1 Having a gun doesn't magically transform you into Rambo. ... MegglezOfficial . 2m The shots are going off before they have that chance Imao not supposed go have a bien grip when holding a gun. ↑

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Wouldn't Want That

Dot worry...I got it removed for you so you didn't have to waste anymore video game time. I can also promise you wouldn't want me calling you pathetic to your face. 4-3

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Watch Out

No SIM VPN 8:19 PM "y'all look mean" Add comment... we are. (8 76%

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Are We Clear 🤪

Aaaand there it is. Keep men accountable. If they're both drunk, send dude home if he's on top of an unconscious person. Stop making excuses for him. You're not neutral, you're taking his side. 4 2 Wanna me to report you as well? Since YOU and me can judge from a simple video only? And the next time you say I'm taking his side or anything funny remark about me I'm going to sue you and trust me In Greece I can do that without a problem because of law. Are we clear?

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Super Serious

im Hopefully, cases like this will one day teach the world to not go cheap on cybersec specialists. Reply Wow! Unbelievably cruel. 21m 8 people here Add a comment ... 17m Reply Find person who took pics and break every bone in their body. Slowly. 4 Reply 45

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An Empire You Say

_finally_king_2w Idk why people think that kid is funny. 634 likes Reply fucking_manace 2w @_finally_king_hes like 20 now or so 208 likes Reply 8.m.a.n 2w @_finally_king_ go back to your cave 581 likes Reply ___finally_king_2w I have an empire not a cave 37 likes Reply

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Not Solving Any Problems Here

4 hr. ago You get revenge against high school bullies by becoming a school shooter. I get revenge against high school bullies by making them become school shooters. We are not the same 14 Reply Share ***

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