Two memes about existential angst from the collection.

20 Memes About Existential Angst To Soothe Your Woes

Move aside, hundreds of years of philosophy: in the times we live in, there is no better way to express our existential woes than the humble image meme. If we have to suffer, we may as well make it funny. It gives all the more reason to enjoy this selection of memes that cater to every level of angst, from mild apprehension to full-blown dread.

The Neverending Cycle

Life has no meaning Panik You can create your own meaning Kalm That meaning is meaningless Panik

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Beyond My Pay Grade

The therapy dog after I share all of my problems:

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Insomniacs Know

When it's 3am and you're still awake, reflecting on your own existence: I think, therefore I don't sleep

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When you're dead inside but highly functional LO00

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Gotta Laugh Otherwise You Cry

"So what are your thoughts on everything that's going on in the world right now?" Мe: What a great time to be alive if you love the theater of the absurd

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When i realize that my future depends on me. SEK 2K

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Always Watching

Consciousness Itself @badtripsitter VICTORIA VICTORIE

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Going Mainstream

Psychosocial De Sge Professor: "are emo kids still a thing?" Student: "yeah but it's just everyone now"

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Eyes Wide Open


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just remembered i exist-eutside mYOWn pereeption and peeple can seemE and- ferm an opinien abeut me

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Oh Lord

therapist: reality isnt real, it cant hurt you reality: me:

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Daily Routine

The Regenerating Maze @MySkellyCloset 1. Wake up. 2. Scream into the void. 3. Void screams back. 4. Go back to bed. 12:35 p.m. · 05 déc. 20 ·

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good? i really do exist

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I left my gummy bears in a hot car. When I returned they melted into a sugary quagmire, their individual essence dissolved into nothingness, reformed by the void into a singular consciousness. No seperate beings nor flavors, just one manifestation of formless eternal gummy.

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If nobody got me I know the Void got me Cani get an AMEN ?

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Thank You, Shopping Cart

Everyone is obsessed with physical appearances, but remember: TRUE beauty lies in your boundless, untamed fury at the absurcdity of existence.

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The Duo

me you know what f--- it what is even the point


* samflower ☆ @milkygoddess physically i'm here but mentally i'm 12:08 AM · Jun 27, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

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A Vibe

me having an existential crisis at 3 in the morning

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Thomas the existential angst engine

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