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20 Memes To Teach You Some Weird History Facts

Ah, the good old days. The days when phones had cords, music came on cassette tapes, and the internet was just a twinkle in Al Gore's eye. If you're feeling nostalgic for a time you may or may not have actually lived through, then the subreddit "History Memes" on Reddit is the place for you. This community is dedicated to sharing memes that focus on historical events and figures, from ancient Rome to modern-day politics.

You'll find everything from Wojak characters dressed as a Roman centurion to memes about the founding fathers. But the best part of the subreddit has to be how the users add their own historical knowledge and puns to it, making for some truly laugh-out-loud moments. If you're a history buff with a sense of humor, you've come to the right place. You'll learn something new and get a good laugh along the way. Just be prepared to explain all the inside jokes to your non-historian friends. So presenting you 20 memes taken from Reddit's /r/historymemes to make you laugh while making you learn.

Paleontology is history too!

// opp 2340 apper 2440 Horseshoe crabs 5 mass extinctions events, including the Permian that killed over 95% of ocean animals

(Source: Reddit)

When you realize they didnt evolve or get any changes as well.

It was still a living hell in both places.

78 Damn it! I hate being on the front, I wish I could be in one of these forts where nothing bad can happen Meanwhile in Fort de Vaux made with mematic I'm so thirsty that I'm licking the moisture on our walls to survive

(Source: Reddit)

Living between 1914 and 1918 was really horrible in every continent.

78 This war is a living hell... if only I could be in one of these scientific expeditions far away from the front Meanwhile in Antarctica Our ship has been prisoner from the ice for two years now, and since there is a world war nobody is going to help us mate, with mentalt

(Source: Reddit)

Literally a white elephant gift.

7713 You have no idea how angry I am right now at you Don't worry, I forgive you Yes, and I will give you this nice elephant I'm sorry my king! please don't hurt me Really? Thank you my king

(Source: Reddit)

20 years ago today, one man could've saved hundreds of lives (and chose not to.)

"Help! The club is on fire and all the other exits are blocked! You gotta let us out!" "I'm a member of the band."

(Source: Reddit)

Mackensen is the definition of a full life.

>Survived the Franco-Prussian War >Survived WW1 >Survived WW2 >Saw the rise and fall of two German Reich >Consistent on one thing : France

(Source: Reddit)

Inventors of human rights.

When you are one of the most progressive ancient civilizations but a slave state of pedophiles fought a suicidal battle against you and now you're remembered as the bad guys

(Source: Reddit)

They at least tried?

(<->)<-> | <-71 (-) "How may I get faith in Christ?" "I see..." spends 14 years writing an amateur translation of the Bible into the Massachusett language

(Source: Reddit)

Always the media.

When the UK is about to land on the Falklands, and the BBC broadcasts your landing plan

(Source: Reddit)

A wild guy for sure.

Country where a guy was president 11 times, lost a war in 18 minutes, got his wooden leg stolen by americans, got exiled and lost in the jungle and had to get re-introduced into society because he turned feral S S $

(Source: Reddit)

The bravest in the battlefield too.

WW1 France in a nutshell My general, too many french people are dying in this war Get this rifle and go die for us made with mematic Don't worry Pierre, I have the solution. Oki Doki

(Source: Reddit)

They feared Germany's entry as much as any European country.

How most people think Switzerland saw WW2 How Switzerland actually saw WW2

(Source: Reddit)

Didn't play by the rules.

Yo prometheus don't give fire to the humans 2s later Yooo this is lit Nah i never in a million years KAPWING

(Source: Reddit)

Legally insane but still executed.

Listen, man, you don't have to be the bad guy here... I know for a fact people can change, and there's always a little good in even the worst people, so- I don't even know who you are, but you sure look tasty, little boy.

(Source: Reddit)

A literal bruh moment.

Stalin bloodhaving a stroke His guards thinking it's another one of his tests

(Source: Reddit)

No, it's not a drill, save him.

Lafayette, we're here.

Ta Don't worry America, I'm gonna help liberate you because I know one day you'll do the same for me + I don't care what it costs! Just make this country free again!

(Source: Reddit)

The monk refused the cleric's offer.


(Source: Reddit)

He's not worth it.

The Germans Stalin's son Stalin: DO YOU HAVE ANY BETTER HOSTAGES?

(Source: Reddit)

What's Poland doing in there?


(Source: Reddit)

This is the list that comes up when you search "which countries won the most wars?"

WW2 could've been avoided if he was alive.

Fools with a Time Machine Me with a Time Machine FOR THE LOVE OF GOD EAT THE G LIPITOR $₂ wer bist du LIPITOR 20m

(Source: Reddit)

Imagine if he was alive he could've stopped or at least delayed WW2!

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