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20 Strange People (And More) Who Belong In A Video Game Boss Fight

If you've ever played a video game in your life, you're probably familiar with the concept of a boss fight. Boss fights are one of the quintessential experiences of a gamer, because they can be some of the most frustrating experiences in a game. Often, you have to replay the same boss fight over and over again to finally beat the boss. And if you can't beat it, then it keeps you up at night until a new idea on how to approach the fight comes to you in the middle of the night.

The following images don't come from boss fights, but they should. That's why the subreddit /r/Bossfight exists. Each of these people, animals, hypothetical creations and more would make pretty hilarious bosses in the toughest video game you've ever played. Here are some of the funniest possible inspirations for video game boss fights.

The Sentries of the Dark Gate

Woke up this morning and found my cats guarding my basement like this

(Source: Reddit)

You have to solve their riddle to pass.

The Mad Hatter, Serial Hat Thief

Eyeing his next victim... 5 Gate 15 GATE CLOSED 23 PM 16-201 25

(Source: Reddit)

The Businessman

Lorena Ruiz Eduardo García hores. Viridiana López Sofia Vega Katia Beltrán Dazel Melisa Tovar Angela Lốc Ertka Mo

(Source: Reddit)

The Grandmothers Coven

This old picture of my great grandma (far left) makes it look like the camera man just stumbled into a secret meeting with grandmas

(Source: Reddit)


bumblingb I had a dream they unveiled a new diglett evolution that was basically like 20 digletts in a group. it was called dugstruction.

(Source: Reddit)

Four-Dimensional Dog Entities

@IndieThe Introvert

(Source: Reddit)

John Wick Moment

r/TrueOffMyChest u/Reaper 1868 - 12h 1 36 17 @ 3 1413 I just finished beating someone up and I hate myself for it but he kicked my cat I just had a roommate coming to my house drunk and trying to start a fight with me and when I didn't reciprocate he kicked my 6 week old kitten I proceeded to beat his ass for 30 minutes I feel very ashamed but I love my cat It was multiple beatings in a 30 minute time frame 6.6k Share 846 Award

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We'll forgive this cat dad for his crimes, even though a court of law might not.

The Goliath Human-Eater

how much does a spider weigh All Shopping Images News About 11,500,000 results (0.67 seconds) Spider / Mass 500 pounds no i dont think so myotp-ruinedmylife This spider exists somewhere and only google knows Videos

(Source: Reddit)

Jeff, the Origin


(Source: Reddit)

Isaac the Technomancer

Isaac 18 I have a different Mac for every subject, my school fees could pay off your debt i

(Source: Reddit)

Moom Slayer

Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes metal fence, breaks human's arm, and swims to uninhabited island where she still lives MOOM

(Source: Reddit)

The Excaligator

I'm pretty sure whoever pulls the knife from the gator's head gets to be the new king of Florida. whydoihatepeople - 6h 2 Awards EXCALIGATOR.

(Source: Reddit)

The Very Hungry Hellhound

wenamedthedogkylo Your hellhound is so sad, throw him the femur of a sinner already

(Source: Reddit)

Keeper of the Chaos Emerald

ONLINE (GEMS AND JEWELLERY). Unirte Michael Deemax. 28 may.. Gemstone? Looking for buyer..

(Source: Reddit)


Billy, you have cancer. But you're gonna live! ALL thanks to Nana- technology! Shoo! Go on! Get outa my Billy! Nana? Lemme at 'em Doc! THWACK!

(Source: Reddit)

The Brotherhood of Dantes

Who would win? Dante Dante Dante Dante

(Source: Reddit)

The Birds of War

catchymemes WR PE CE United Nations: Translating War into Peace Source: catchymemes WR PE CE

(Source: Reddit)

Of course it's a goose.

The Four Horsemen of the Early 2010s

four ancient evils sealed away, forgotten by time. those who remember hope that the future will never know their wrath. Fee

(Source: Reddit)

I can hear these images.

Master Lock, the Unpickable


(Source: Reddit)

Death Fears Her

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