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20 Totally 'True' Stories That 'Definitely Happened'

Some people lead some crazy lives. It seems like every day something totally wild and crazy happens to them that is almost unbelievable. Lucky for all of us they, share these crazy and wild stories all over social media so that everyone can see just how amazing and wild their lives are compared to the rest of us boring individuals. The only issue is that a lot of these stories are very clearly far from anywhere near the truth.

The truth is that some people find their joy and excitement in lying online with stories to make them seem better than the rest, and this is very apparent. If you are going to lie to people, at least make it believable, there is no way your 2-year-old is putting out fires and cooking eggs unattended. You are not special and neither is that kid. Reddit's r/thathappened is full of cringeworthy fake stories from all around the internet. Here are 20 of them for you to shake your head at.


Kari Lake @KariLake I have to share something hilarious with you guys. I'm in lowa with hundreds of voters tonight for a rally. There was an open bar that RAN OUT of beer... Except for one brand... @budlight Go woke, go BROKE. Sad!

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Just watched a guy at starbucks go to pay for his drink with his phone and when he went to unlock it, one of my instΓ  photos was his lock screene OFWAREN MA

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So Sad

Trump says police officers, court employees were 'crying' at his arraignment THE HILL The Hill 54m ...

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Why The Pony?

KENSLI APPY 25th BIRTHDAY YALL My mama got me a MOANA cake and these thought she said MARIJUANA BE b

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On September 14, 2001 in lower Manhattan as Bill Clinton passed me face to face I told him, "This is all your fault". Secret Service guy behind him winked at me. 12:14 PM 4/3/23-7,405 Views 6 Retweets 134 Likes 27 ←] μ†Œ

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That Kid Did Not Say That

ach Noah Revoy Arms Dealer For... VOV "Beware of weird girls" My 9 year old son just gave me a ten minute detailed list of the signs of a weird girl. "Strange make up, weird hair color, too few clothes, too fat, too skinny, tattoos, short hair, mohawks, ignore their children, do without be married," etc. "These weird girls are everywhere, even in games or at your job maybe, you have to be careful. I dont want to look at them." He says. "Good girls are beautiful, healthy body shape and only have after getting married. They are good at taking care of their children. Make sure you get a good wife like this." "In Portugal we dont have so many weird girls, but in the UK they have too many of them." (He wanted you all to know his advice.)

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Jaw Dropped

I shocked my late husband's boss at a company holiday party. Exchanging pleasantries, the boss asked me what I did for a living. "I'm a nurse," I replied, "but I make my living as a writer." ... He chuckled and turned sarcastic. "So, basically, you don't make 'much' of a living," he said. I smiled. And paused. And held eye contact. "Well, actually," I responded sweetly, "I make twice as much money as you're paying my husband." His jaw dropped. My husband laughed.

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So I was at Blaine's school checking him out. Sean walks by with his class and says, "Mommmyyy!!!" Me: "Hey baby!" One of his classmates walking next to him, "That's your mom!?" Blaine walking up and snorts: "See mom. I'm not kidding. Kids here have actual crushes on you" Me: "Eeewwww whaatttt?!?? You're all kids!" Blaine laughing and shaking his head. "Yeah they don't care. They all say you're the hot mom." y'all I just don't even know anymore.

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So Edgy

2:05 LIVE STEM Following For You. at work today i said with my whole chest, "what smells so good? smells like someone is grilling something." not realizing someone was being cremated a whole 15 feet away from me. LTE O 50.7K 377

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Cool Story

w My oldest daughter over reacted at a stove fire once when I wasn't home. Her 4 year old brother ran in climbed onto the counter got in the cupboard, grabbed the baking soda poured it on the fire and extinguished it. My oldest daughter called and let me know what happened then asked how her little brother knew what to do. He obviously paid attention to what I would do in the kitchen. He was also my baby at 2 years old that would cook his own eggs and ramen noodles. Reply 32

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ChatGPT Clapped

I used GPT Lawyer and Won Use cases Last month I was erroneously charged with using a mobile device while operating a vehicle. The cop claimed i did so while passing a small construction zone so the fine was doubled ($580).. I filed a not guilty and went to court today for a hearing. I used suggestions citing state law and provided my case to the Judge after cross examining the Cop. I felt pretty confident but the judge was a surly guy who had found everyone guilty as charged before me. I was elated when he leaned back and said "I'm going to go with him on this one. Not guilty." the cop was livid and i left elated. Thanks OpenAl, you saved me $580! 65 35 Share + Award

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I'm Sure She Demanded

[Checking my kid in for a blood test] Receptionist [putting him into the system]: Religion? Me: He doesn't have one. Receptionist: Really? Me: He's 7. Receptionist: What's yours? Me: Ma'am? Receptionist: It has a field here for.. Me: Put down "Minecraft."

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Pull Up Your Pants

We were getting ice cream & a cute Black couple came in. After a moment, my child walked over to tell the bf that he should pull his pants up because his gf looks really nice and he doesn't want to embarrass her. They started laughing and dude said she was right but lawd lol

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I'm Sure He Felt So Bad

Girl called the cops on me because I called her fat Matched with a girl Hinge, met her in person. She must have used old photos because she was thin in her pictures and very overweight in person. She was a terrible date and spent much of it talking about how much she likes iphone and instagram, and was condescending/elitist about because I use android and dont like ig. After the date I texted her saying that she should change her photos because shes a lot bigger irl. She called the cops and told them I called her fat and she felt harassed. I got a call from a police officer and he asked me what happened. He said that calling someone fat is not harassment but he wanted to follow up since there was a complaint, and not to contact her again. He was even sympathetic that I was "catfished" (his words) I hate dating apps so much. This is the type of girl that thinks if her feelings get hurt it's a crime. Good riddance.

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Had this conversation with a shop worker today. Me: "You're not essential." Shop worker: "Oh yeah, and who do you think you are?" Me: "I'm a journalist, you're welcome." At that point, everybody in the shop stopped what they were doing, clapped, and thanked me for my service.

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+1.3 hr. ago A few years ago, one of the cooks at the Denny's I worked at left her lollipop edible on the counter, it got crushed and a burger bun picked up most of the pieces before being served to an old lady ↑ 40 Reply Share ...

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Can't Go Anywhere

Ive been at the jump park for 15min and I've been hit on 3 times already. What. Is. Going. On?! Ive been blatantly asked for my phone number. (It's been a few years since that's happened Imao.) Another guy made a comment I'm the "hot mom". Y'all I'm literally in just a hoodie, hair thrown up, leggings and it's obvious I have multiple children. Lmao This is apparently what happens when I leave the house without my husband Imao Idk what's in the air today but my husband is CRAZY crazy. And pretty irreplaceable. Sooooo I wouldn't suggest it gentlemen. Lol

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So Crazy

ANTI SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB My mom once caught a girl in my closet when I was a teenager when I wasn't supposed to have company and said to her: "You are not special. He has a lot of you. Get out." She was a savage

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Actually Happened

Gentlemen, it actually happened. Wholesome Was out dashing in the rain. Handed the food to a ~25f customer. She asked how dashing was going. I said it was slower than I expected since people usually order a lot when it's raining. She asked if minded getting wet. I said no, I like to workout then dash in the rain because I'm already sweaty so I don't care about the rain. She asked if I wanted to come inside to "dry off"... I'll leave the details up to your imagination. But you want to know the best part? She gave me an additional tip after I got into my car to drive away.

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Went to a function and didn't say a single word. Had a random woman come up to me and say "idk what it is about you but you're radiating "mommy never loved me" vibes", kissed me then left. I think about her every night

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