Two 2023 Halloween costumes: Mexico alien body and Barbie and Ken

A Recap Of 2023's 15 Best Meme-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is now behind us, and another year of meme-themed costumes has come and gone. Fortunately, it's not all in the past; thanks to social media, we can see dozens of takes on the most creative and entertaining costumes of 2023, all inspired by pop culture and memes. We've rounded up 15 of them for you to enjoy, which might just help inspire your costume for next year. Take a look at some of the most impressive costume creations that some pretty creative people came up with to celebrate 2023.


this moth costume at the bar scaring me so bad w-- ME PUN desmokingwhilepregnant

(Source: Ebaumsworld)

This timeless costume has been around for a few years, but this version is somehow incredibly off-putting, looking more like Mothman than a meme, but hey, that's the spooky side of Halloween. Maybe next year, he can try a moth and lamp couples costume.

The Paris Bedbugs


(Source: Ebaumsworld)

Like bedbugs, but French. Simple idea, great execution with French stereotypes and baguettes. It's good to see the bedbugs are at least enjoying themselves, because the rest of Paris is not.



(Source: Ebaumsworld)

With the countless moves towards UAP disclosure this year, it was inevitable that the most memeworthy of them, the Mexican alien bodies, would wind up as a costume this year. Whether you believe the alleged bodies are credible or not, we can all agree that they're some pretty messed-up looking guys, and they made the perfect material for a funny but off-putting costume this year.

I Love It

It was funnier in my head

(Source: Ebaumsworld)

This image of five-year-old Cardi B, often known as "My momma said," might not be the newest meme, but this take on it is pretty perfect. It probably took a lot more effort than it seems, too, since it takes a lot to match that odd outfit and take on the mannerisms of a child telling all her little cousins that it's "my house, my rules."

Kevin James

rachel @rachelnis24 kevin james w bigknockers Follow 5:33 PM Oct 29, 2023 786K Views

(Source: Ebaumsworld)

An image of Kevin James smirking became a big meme just a few weeks ago, and this is a pretty creative take on just one of the meme's many variations. I'm sure Kevin James would be proud.

I Am Not a Jack-O-Lantern

MY NAME is ++ Lewis KKH 3

One of October 2023's memes was Lewis, who is not a jack-o-lantern. Naturally, it's on theme, so this made for an easy transition into a Halloween costume, though it probably took some explaining that this person is not a jack-o-lantern.

Scariest Ghost Out There

My last minute Halloween costume, Ghosting Had a great time tonight Me too You free on Friday? Hey..

Ever get ghosted? It's not just a 2023 trend, but with so many people using dating apps, it's becoming more and more common nowadays. Whoever created this last-minute Halloween costume knows that there's truly nothing scarier than having a dozen texts to the person you're interested in left on read for days, never to be answered.



(Source: Ebaumsworld)

Joking about this isn't always allowed (or recommended), but one brave soul spent Halloween as a light-up OceanGate Titan submarine, with a costume complete with a video game controller in order to best pilot the vessel. Points for creativity, at least.

Sad Ant with Bindle

Thea Juop 2 reposted 1.3M e how it feels when no one gets your costume 6603 43.8K 20.8K

(Source: Ebaumsworld)

Sad Ant with Bindle was a fun costume based on an exterminator's ad, and also based on all of our feelings of rejection nowadays. It might not be the most visually recognizable meme of the year, but for those who "got" this costume, it was pretty funny, and perhaps made funnier by all the people who just didn't understand.

Game of Thrones Season 8 #badwriters

The Game of Thrones television series ended years ago, but for some reason, this costume has appeared online quite a few times this year. Apparently, no one is over that ending, and even after all this time, they're harboring some resentment.

Pretty Accurate


(Source: Noguiltfangirl)

Barbie was meant to inspire a lot of costumes this year, particularly couples' costumes with Barbie and Ken. But somehow, these two look a lot like the main leads, and the level of commitment it took to find these outfits to match is seriously impressive.

Even Better, Barbenheimer

「 班 班 即 四 ™ 開 商 班 提 商 辦 货 商

(Source: Noguiltfangirl)

The Barbenheimer experience combined Barbie and Oppenheimer into one double-feature, and somehow, this person managed to combine the two into one single costume. This must have taken forever to sew together.



(Source: TikTok)

While there were many versions of the infamous TMFINR Plane Woman for Halloween this year, few actually received recognition and a seal of approval from Tiffany Gomas herself, but this one apparently did it best.

Ha Ha Ha Yes

YES... HA HA HA... YES! 22411 ALD 5) SICKOS

(Source: BSKY)

Known as "Sickos Haha Yes" this meme isn't quite as mainstream as some of the other choices on this list, but the creator of this costume definitely nailed it and deserves a nod for thinking outside the box.

A Deep Cut


(Source: Twitter)

A surprisingly viral moment from this year came in the form of the Japanese Family McDonald's Ad, which depicted a happy family eating at the fast-food chain in Japan. A bit more obscure than some other choices, this cosplayer undoubtedly did a perfect rendition of the red-haired woman featured in the advert.

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