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Take A Step Back In Time With These 15 History Memes

Whether you're a student or just a forgetful person who needs a refresh on world history, we have just the place for you. Thanks to the subreddit /r/HistoryMemes, we can look back on some of the most memorable moments in history in a much more painless way: through memes.

Memes are a great way to make your years of formal history education worth something. After all, it doesn't really seem like all those years of history meant anything when we're just watching politicians repeat the same mistakes. But history can also be a great reminder that the world is always in shambles, and it's really not just our generation or century. It's just the way the world works, which is also why we've got some great history memes to mock people from the past while waiting to enter into a new, better era. And so, we present to you some of the funniest historical jokes with a modern twist. The 15 below are some of our favorites.

It Even Had The Word Crisis In It

People: this is the closest we've ever come to WW3 Cuban Missile Crisis Oct 16, 1962 - Oct 28, 1962 OVERVIEW MOVIES VIDEOS INTERESTING STONCLNDRIL Amlajoke to you?

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A European teaching American history in the US You probably don't know this, but... Vietnam won.

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It's Amazing What You Can Do With 100 Years

When you jump from monarchy to democracy to fascism to democracy to communism to democracy in one century.. Parkour!

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Don't Open The Door

US government 1960's Teenager about to turn 19

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Great Scott

Richard Dawkins when he created the word "meme" in 1976 ENCHAN DER T I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet ENCHA U DER but your kids are gonna love it.

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With A Name Like That….Who Could Refuse?

Some say Democrats are best Some say Republicans are best But deep down we all know.. We need to bring back the bull moose party

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Maybe Next Vacation

me *a norwegian*: going on a holiday to england also me: not raiding the s--- out of the town im visiting my viking ancestors: Y Shame

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Hope You Got Paid Overtime

2020 normies: LOL imagine being scared of Y2K, nothing was going to happen The tens of thousands of engineer hours spent removing the bugs: SABC 1 Amlajoke to you?

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Little Did He Know He Got The Greatest City In The World

Napoleon doubling the size of the US Jefferson who just wanted a port in New Orelans

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Don't Look It Up

People who don't know how Maui dies in Māori People who do Mythology

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What's Up With The Watts?

electricity: *is invented* people: "how will we measure it?" science: WATT The

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Great Depression: The Sequel

When you're celebrating the roaring 20's and remember what happened last time

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And Not One Even Attempted To Spell It Differently

How many Kings named Louis will there be? The French: SESAME STREET

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Way To Go Guys

Greece today if they didn't kill Socrates Makaroni Memes

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So….About That


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