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Tumblr Is Alive: 20 Posts Showing What's Up Lately

Though it's a somewhat of a forgotten about website, Tumblr is still up and running to this day. Tumblr was and still in many ways is a place for fandoms to come together to share their jokes, theories, memes, artwork and more with each other. Besides that though, it is a place to create iconic text posts, which are posts that contain only text. Text posts allow users to share any of their thoughts and feelings in an easy to share and contribute to way.

Tumblr used to have very lenient guidelines, which also made it a very popular site because literally anything went. Since the banning of adult content, its usage has gone down significantly. Despite this, there are still many very loyal users publishing new content every day. If you haven't visited the site lately, consider it. Here are 20 recent posts from Tumblr to prove that it is still alive and well amongst all the new sites and apps coming out.

Drinking Lava

bakrua people who tell me i shouldn't drink lava: the media people who lie: the media conclusion: i am going to drink lava nettlewildfairy I am a geologist with no association to the media and I would not recommend drinking lava thewriterkid Get a load of Big Geology trying to oppress the voice of the people. Teach the controversy. Drink the lava. Source: bakrua

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Drawing Hands

mag200 Follow there really is something in how Al art cant get human hands right vs. some of the oldest art we have is our handprints on a wall. im not gonna write the poem you get it. the themes. #edit this post is not good at drawing hands or not. RELAX. #sorry. un... See all about whether you are 47,363 notes tl

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Art Class

professorpineapple "you're an art model does that mean you're NAKED?" "yeah" "whoa....those lucky artists ;)" ...buddy. professorpineapple idk who started the idea that life drawing classes have anything sexy going on like. there's at least people in the room and we're all tired and covered in charcoal. the dude in front who's staring at my boobs has been trying to get the shading right for 10 minutes. he's almost out of paint. he is crying.

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What a Coincidence

live 1967 Follow i hope i don't have to fight my evil shadow self today hey die1967 Follow live1967 Follow no fuking way 37,069 notes ↑

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Pasta Time

crabussy Follow hey. don't cry. crush three cloves of garlic into a pot with a dollop of olive oil and stir until golden then add one can of crushed tomatoes a bit of balsamic vinegar half a tablespoon of brown sugar half a cup of grated parmesan cheese and stir for a few minutes adding a handful of fresh spinach until wilted and mix in pasta of your choice ok? #ITS MY FAVOURITE PASTA RECIPE #tastes so so good and delicious and hearty and warm #doesn't require... See all 81,368 notes

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So good.

Cats vs Physics

unvoreable Follow my cat sleeps in this box and i was seeing how far i could push it to the edge before he jumped out and foxyplaydate your cat ain't having none of this physics bull

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Defying laws.

Okay so

uaim indirectly 46 sec. ago maggiemae873 Follow Sep 22, 2022 I love how "ok so" has become shorthand for "get comfy this gonna take a while" indirectly ✰✰ 7 min. ago 16,924 notes © ||||| ||||||| okay 02:07

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scandalousladysuggestion be handed a letter by your maid, break the wax seal, read it with dawning understanding and then slowly look up into the middle-distance with an ominous smirk. order your carriage to be prepared at once. mutantschooldropout me getting a text and calling a lyft scandalousladysuggestion Source: #laughing 82,421 notes

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French is Hard

m-a-r-a-u-d-e-e-r-s confunded-gryffindor oldblogarchived english: coconut oil french: :) english: oh boy french: oil of the nut of the coco

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Don't get me started.

Feed Them

fatherway anyways heres wonderwall frickgerard why is ur ukulele so big fatherway i feed it well

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queersona Follow oouuh, oouuuhhh!! we are hiring! we are hiring!! we are soo00 desperate for workers we will take anyone !! OOUUHH labor shortage!!!! pleaze let us hire you!! ouuUUUHuuuUhh.…................. Your application has been rejected. You are not what we're looking for at this time. We're sorry.

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cali 25m ago old wives tale: do not let cats near a baby. it will steal its breath ancient wives tale: spontaneous generation i.e. fleas are born from dust, maggots from dead flesh young wives tale: bladee invented the steam locomotive 81 notes

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stonersayaka Follow tumblr added another secret feature. if you make a post and just type "gullible", it turns it into a different message. tell me which one you got! gothdoggirl Follow gullible!! gothdoggirl Follow this is so fd up how could you do this to me op korbensdeliveryservice Follow no no you just have to do the word by itself without any punctuation! gothdoggirl Follow gullible gothdoggirl Follow NOT ONCE BUT TWICE I AM BETRAYED

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Like Why?

nodaybuttodaytodefygravity iwantajaneaustenlife Follow wingsfromwhere Follow Jettison is like one of the top 10 words in the english language, get that thing out of here at a notable velocity 29,825 notes

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Call That

biggest-gaudiest-patronuses you know how in greek myths people who die tragically sometimes get placed among the stars by the gods? biggest-gaudiest-patronuses call that biggest-gaudiest-patronuses call that a rolofilledheadphones Follow Its okay, take your time biggest-gaudiest-patronuses constellation prize

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Seen Enough

what-even-is-thiss Folgen Newborn babies all have terrible eyesight so that their brains don't have to process as much information. Which I think is a little bit funny. Nature was like "Look, we get it. There's a lot of stuff out here. A lot of pores on your dad's face. You have no idea what a hand is. Don't worry about the pores for now. Just figure out, in general, what a hand is and then maybe we'll pump it up to high res." fivemanwaltz Folgen I only got a decade or so of hi-res life before my eyes were like "actually thats enough, pack it in" 105.758 Anmerkungen

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Or Is It?

This is the moon CO CO Or is it? C thedavesofourlives teach your kids to be conspirators at a young age G

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Wrong For That

Agency: So we're thinking either Pringle Bells, Kris Pringle, or Pringles all the way? Client: Nah I've got a better idea. Client: 3 Pringles MERRY PRINGLES Pringles Pringles crsbbq Never has a meme so accurately depicted my career as a marketer. Seriously, don't go into marketing. The people you work for just suck the life out of you Source: crsbbq

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Pick a Side

unhinged-kitten ✪✪ Follow i'm "house phone" years old ohifonlyx33 Follow i'm "computer room" years old 21,720 notes tl

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relationshipsuggestions I choose you. And I'll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you. 105ttt Me when I go to a restaurant and order the same meal I order every time 2 154 notes

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