Was uncharted land in China with dinosaurs discovered?

Was Uncharted Land In China With Dinosaurs Actually Discovered?

Conspiracy theorists and curious TikTokers are putting on their tinfoil hats as a story about the discovery of uncharted land in China with dinosaurs is going viral on social media. But where do these rumors come from, and did China really find uncharted land with dinosaurs? Here's the story.


What Is The 'Uncharted Land In China With Dinosaurs' Theory?

Earlier this month, TikToker @ravenguru2 posted a video to TikTok claiming that, while she was at the nail salon, she overheard a story on a Chinese news station about China discovering uncharted land with 13-foot "dinosaur-like creatures" in it. She allegedly used the Google Translate app on her phone to decipher what the news station was talking about, then got one of the employees to confirm its legitimacy to her. According to the video, you cannot find any news stories about it outside of China.

The video gained nearly a million views before she posted an update 10 days later. In the update, she claims that the government is trying to silence her from sharing the information and that they sent a helicopter to hover over her house three days after sharing the story, saying she could feel the helicopter's vibrations from inside. Since then, she's posted a few more updates giving further detail into the alleged discovery, including that they found gigantic pandas in the uncharted land.

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How Did The 'Uncharted Lands In China With Dinosaurs' Theory Spread?

Shortly after posting her update video, the allegations of a dinosaur-covered piece of uncharted land in China started to spread online. TikTokers began reporting on it assuming it was true and a tweet expressing shock over the theory gained over 19,000 likes in under a week.

Some videos on the topic have gained hundreds of thousands of views, including a YouTube video that gained around 50,000 views in a day. The theory has sparked a lot of interest as people demand some solid answers.

Is The 'China Finds Uncharted Land' Dinosaurs Theory True?

As far as we know, there is no truth to the theory that China found uncharted land with dinosaurs living in it. There are no news stories that come up about it when you search for it on Google or any other search engine. Every media outlet that has reported on it cites @ravenguru2's TikTok upload as the origin of the theory.

With no additional sources to go off of, it's safe to assume that the TikToker is just having some fun with the theory, as many assume Andrew Dawson did with his giant on a mountain story a few months back.

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For the full details on the uncharted land in China with dinosaurs theory, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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