Uncharted Land In China With Dinosaurs Discovered tiktok video examples.

Uncharted Land In China With Dinosaurs Discovered

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Uncharted Land In China With Dinosaurs Discovered refers to a viral hoax and conspiracy theory claiming that an uncharted land was discovered in China filled with dinosaur-like creatures over 13 feet tall. The rumor began on TikTok in February 2023 when user @ravenguru2 posted a video claiming she overheard the story at a nail salon as the employees were watching Chinese news, which she translated with her phone. Following her first video, the TikToker posted several updates claiming that the government is trying to silence her for sharing the information, including claims that a helicopter was hovering over her apartment three days after revealing the information about the uncharted land. There are no confirmed reports of actual land with dinosaurs found in China despite the video and rumors spreading online in the following weeks.


On February 6th, 2023, TikToker[1] @ravenguru2 posted a video in which she claims uncharted land was discovered in China containing "dinosaur-like creatures" over 13 feet tall. In the video, she explains how she was at a nail salon and the Chinese employees were watching Chinese news. Curious about what was on the news, the TikToker used her phone's translate feature to translate the story, which was purportedly about the uncharted land discovery. The TikToker claims she confirmed the translation with the employee. She also says there could be thousands to millions of the dinosaurs and that people are "really freaking out" because scientists don't know how the creatures track prey. The video gained over 700,000 views in two weeks (shown below).

@ravenguru2 #explorer #viral #talkup #findingtheanswer #breakingnews #fyp ♬ original sound – Raven Holiday

On February 16th, the same TikToker[2] posted a video update on the story captioned "the government is trying to silence me," explaining why she hadn't posted since breaking the story. In the video, she claims that God wants her to share the story and says she lives in a rural area. She explains how three days after posting the first video she was sleeping in her bed and was woken up by strong vibrations. She claims there was a helicopter hovering over her apartment so close she could feel the vibrations. She then claims she has more information from the nail salon to share (shown below, left). The video gained over 150,000 views in five days.

Later that day, she posted another video to TikTok[3] sharing more information about the supposed uncharted land. In the video, she explains that two teams of explorers went to the land to investigate. Some researchers from the first expedition never made it back. The ones who made it back said they saw "so many new creatures," including giant pandas, flying species and water creatures. She also claims they found two new dinosaur fossils (shown below, right).

@ravenguru2 You Guys Want Believe What Happen …Part 2 #Explore #findingthetruth #Unexplored #ravenguru #viral #Fyp ♬ original sound – Raven Holiday

@ravenguru2 Part 3 please Follow and Share #undiscover #findingthetruth #ravenguru ♬ original sound – Raven Holiday


The story began to spread following @ravenguru2's first follow-up video. On February 16th, 2023, Twitter[4] user @Spoo_Kay made a post sharing the story, garnering over 19,400 likes in five days (shown below). Some commenters hypothesized that the story was referring to reports of a sinkhole discovered in China with a forest growing in it in May 2022,[5] although the TikToker who first shared the rumors claims there are no reports of the uncharted land outside of China.

sour cream citizen @Spoo_Kay Wanna talk about the acid rain about to happen in Ohio? Or how there are UFO sightings everywhere around the world, maybe the fun fact that there are military ships surrounding Alaska, NO let's talk about CHINA FINDING UNCHARTED LAND WITH FUCKING DINOSAUR LIKE CREATURES??????? 9:22 AM Feb 16, 2023 1.4M Views ... .

On February 17th, TikToker[6][7] @ravenguru2 posted two more videos offering additional information on the reported uncharted land (shown below, left and right). In the first video, she hypothesizes that the research group likely tried to capture the dinosaur-like creatures and that the U.S. probably got a hold of the information and went to the uncharted land and took something. She then mentions the Chinese spy balloons shot down in the U.S. that same month, wondering if there's a connection. She ends the video claiming God explained some things about the uncharted lands to her in a dream.

In the second video, she then explains the dream. She says that in the dream she was in a big park and there were "five benches" in the park and a crying woman. She approaches the woman and asks if she's okay and the woman says her children are in trouble and she needs to find them. She goes to another bench with three girls on it. The girls stand as they see her approach. The middle girl was so weak the other two had to help her up. The TikToker returns to the mother to tell her she found her girls and she cries more, then says "those are not my daughters." Then she woke up from the dream, claiming it was a message from God. Her interpretation of the dream is that the girls on the bench represented two strong countries and a weak country, all three coming together to rise to power.

@ravenguru2 #findingthetruth #undiscovered #fyp #expredition #raveguru ♬ original sound – Raven Holiday

@ravenguru2 #fyp #undiscovered #explorer #ravenguru ♬ original sound – Raven Holiday

On February 20th, 2023, TikToker[8] @jusmyluck666 posted a video sharing the story, garnering over 257,000 views in under 24 hours. On February 21st, Newsweek[9] published an article on the story, doubting its legitimacy.

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@jusmyluck666 China discovers new uncharted land inhabited by Dinosaurs!!!??? Now today it’s being reported that Japan discovered 7,000 new undiscovered islands. Interesting #china #news #dinosaur #discovery #lostcontinent #icewall #newland #government #coverup #conspiracy #dino #dinosaurs #newspecies #island #islands #japan #japanese #undiscovered ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

@the.self.defense.girl Replying to @pettywife pt. 2 coming later, but wanted to post receipts & context first 😁 . . #mythicalcreatures #dinosaurs #doomsday #NextLevelDish #manananggal #newsupdate #factcheck #news #conspiracytiktok #train #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Katie R

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