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What Are Lime Lips? The Green Lips With Lime Trend Explained

Everyone knows about the wholly "unique" experience everyone has drawing a "hyperrealistic" eye in the back of their notebook. Or if you were a man of culture, choosing to draw a Stussy S instead. Either way, times have changed now. The format every budding artist from the year 2016 to 2020 tried to emulate was something way more complicated than the pencil eyes and S's of the '00s. Kids these days draw lime lips. More on the phenomenon here.

Where Does The Lime Lips Image Come From?

A pair of bright green lips holding a green lime, also known as "lime lips," is an iconic image created by the queen of drippy lipstick art in 2016; makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, or @vladmua. She had a knack for painting on and photographing her brightly colored lips, often made to hold a fruit corresponding with her chosen color. In July 2013, she dropped the Lime Lips photo, which became an instant source of inspiration for budding pencil artists everywhere.

How Did Lime Lips Become A Meme?

It started with different artists using Vlada's image as a reference photo for their pencil art, with her glistening and vibrant image proving to be the perfect challenge to help someone master their light and shading. Soon enough, the image was inescapable, clogging the Pinterests and Tumblrs of every shmuck with a set of colored pencils.

KAITLIN73 DRAWINGS @ABportraiture ecceedin 3 111111

People began to notice how recognizable the image had become, and it became a stand-in for corny Pinterest art everywhere. Sometime in 2022, TikTok users began to comment on the lime lips art trend, with some joking about how drawing the green lips is less a choice than it is demonic possession upon receiving one's first pair of colored pencils.


this is a joke if u fee fulfilled by lime lips, good 4 u

♬ original sound – ang

@isabella.drawsss #collage avec @maddox_louise_ me when #limelips #drawing #meme ♬ son original – isabella.drawsss

How Can I Make A Lime Lips Meme?

The standard lime lips meme simply imposes the iconic lips onto the face of another, irrelevant person. Some versions include Lime Lips Walter White, Lime Lips Chipmunks, and just bad renditions of lime lip art.

B 9 TikTok @theartygirl._ Ново ● ● ● деп ъ диу tiktok addict! likes art deco my bad... A THE CHIPETTES

For the full history of lime lips, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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