"Munting" slang term, explained.

What Does 'Munting' Mean? The Gross Slang Term That's Shocking The Web Explained

A disgusting slang term called "munting" has piqued the interest of TikTok and the rest of the internet.

Everyone's morbid curiosity is currently winning as many (who've been told not to Google it) have Googled it, hoping for salvation in an Urban Dictionary definition. The piece of shock media is like many before it, designed to bait innocent internet users into a life of post-munting awareness.

So, what does "munting" mean? Do you really want to know? Let's explain.

What Does 'Munting' Mean?

Okay. This is your last warning.

"Munting" is a horrific act involving a semi-decomposed corpse, two evil gravediggers and way too much free time. When "munting," an alive person takes a dead person and puts their mouth to the skeleton's forbidden orifice. Then, the other person jumps on the body to expel the "juices."

Who Invented 'Munting?'

"Munting" was first defined on Urban Dictionary in the year 2004. It's unknown if anyone actually munts in real life. Like many Urban Dictionary definitions, they're usually just made by bored teenagers who string together a couple of syllables and think of something unthinkable.

Why Is 'Munting' Viral On TikTok?

Two months ago, a TikToker named @filthierdemonrat posted a video in which he revealed what munting meant. It racked up over a million views and sparked new interest in the word.

@filthierdemonrat #stitch with @Artemis 🥸 ♬ original sound – DISGUSTANG.

Since then, "munting" has joined the ranks of Brain Rot slang terms like "edging" and "gooning." All of the words are put into slang overload videos that are funny because they're incomprehensible unless you're chronically online.

@coopnoop21 #fyp ♬ original sound – CoopNoop

For the full history of Munting, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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