The "Hitler Hot Dog" meme that proclaims, "Last night I X Y your sister."

What Does The 'Hitler Hot Dog' Meme Mean? The Confusing Image And 'James Bond Burger' Variant Explained

A confusing meme showing Adolf Hitler and a hot dog is trending online, proclaiming that the image's creator "Hitler Hot Dogged" your sister.

The meme is a variant of the notoriously cryptic James Bond Burger meme that's confused meme scientists for years now. As the "Hitler Hot Dog" meme's spread on social media sites like Twitter / X, of course, many want to know its origin and meaning. Let's explain.

When I find the guy who my hitler hotdogged. sister last night

What's The 'James Bond Burger' Meme?

For starters, the "Hitler Hot Dog" meme is not the first of its kind. Years ago, an image called the "James Bond Burger" meme spread online, spawning the "Last night I X Y your sister" phrasal template. From then on, people wanted to discover the correlation between James Bond, burgers and your sister.

Flash forward to the present day, and there have since been many variations of the meme template that replace Mr. Bond and the burger with different people and food. Hence, the creation of the "Hitler Hot Dog" iteration.

Last night I your sister

Where Did The 'Hitler Hot Dog' Meme Come From?

The first known post of the "Hitler Hot Dog" meme was on Reddit in March 2023. The post was shared by Redditor Clumsy_Explanation and it gained over 16,000 upvotes in 11 months.

Last night I your sister

What Does The 'Hitler Hot Dog' Meme Mean?

There are many theories as to what the "Hitler Hot Dog" meme means. The most plausible theory is that Hitler infers the word "German" and that the hot dog infers the German version of a hot dog—a weiner. Therefore, the meme can be read as, "Last night I weiner'd your sister," in an amazing feat of mental gymnastics.

Another popular theory is that "Hitler Hot Dog" is about a raunchy Urban Dictionary definition. However, this theory can be debunked as the most widely shared definition of "Hitler Hot Dog" on the site was created a day after the meme's first appearance, alluding to foul play.

Lastly, reductionists would argue that the "Hitler Hot Dog" meme is simply an "anti-meme"—a genre of ironic memes that depends on nonsense phrases made to be funny through absurdity.

Last night I your sister Last night I German Hot Dog'd [wiener'd) your sister

For the full history of the Last Night I X Y Your Sister meme, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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