What Is 'Meatspin?' The Viral Shock Site Explained

There are a lot of shock sites out there but few are as well known as Meatspin. The website features a very closely zoomed looping video of two males in the throes of a passionate act, positioned just right so that one of the men's pieces of "meat" starts "spinning" and it became a massive phenomenon when it first exploded onto the internet in 2005. Here's everything you need (but don't necessarily want) to know about the infamous Meatspin site.

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What Is Meatspin?

The Meatspin video allegedly comes from an adult film titled TSBitches and was first used online in 2004 on a YTMND page. The page showed multiple clips of the video on a loop set to "Ridin Spinnaz" by Three 6 Mafia. In 2005, possibly inspired by the YTMND page, a single serving site called Meatspin went online showing the same video set to "You Spin Me Round", quickly becoming an online phenomenon.

The website's domain name was actually sold on eBay in February 2006 for $2,100 US. A month later, the first-ever reaction video about the website was uploaded to YouTube. From there on, the website continued to spread online and through word-of-mouth.

How Is Meatspin Used Online?

The majority of content surrounding Meatspin is reaction videos where people film their reactions or others' reactions to watching the video. There are dozens of Meatspin reactions on YouTube dating all the way back to 2006, some showing people laughing, some crying and some just straight-up bewildered.

There are also numerous memes about Meatspin, including lots of memes trying to bait people into searching "Meatspin" or visiting the direct URL. The video is even still getting attention on TikTok, where users are often telling each other to not Google it and relying on reverse psychology to do the rest.

What Is Leekspin?

In 2006, the popularity of Meatspin inspired a viral parody animation called Leekspin where an anime girl, Orihime from Bleach, spins a leek to the song "Ievan Polkka." It's a much more wholesome alternative to Meatspin that's gained its own massive virality over the years and should be celebrated for simply not being Meatspin.

What Is The 2013 University WiFi Hack?

In March 2013, a Florida State University student named Benjamin Blouin managed to hack into his school's wireless network. With all that power in his hands, he decided to redirect every active user to Meatspin, causing what we can only speculate was the loudest collective gasp in recorded history. Blouin was arrested for the hack on a third-degree felony charge.

For the full details on the meatspin meme, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more inform`ation.

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