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What Is 'MyHouse.Wad' And How Do I Play It? The Viral 'Doom II' Map Explained

Doom II fans are eating well right now after discovering an impressively made, creepypasta-like map called MyHouse.Wad. The map is being celebrated across social media through Let's Plays, fan art and memes as players discover all the secrets hidden within it. Here's why players are so obsessed over the map and how you can play it for yourself.

What Is MyHouse.Wad?

MyHouse.Wad is a custom Doom II map with an interesting backstory. Created by DoomWorld user Veddge, the story goes that Veddge found the map on a floppy disc at his recently deceased friend Tom's house. The map is meant to be a recreation of Tom's house, but when you start playing it, things quickly take a weird turn.

As players progress through the game, they're met with increasingly bizarre and horrifying situations, including newly designed demons that look more like sleep paralysis demons than cacodemons. The home's layout is always changing, with some of the home's rooms looping, some acting like mazes. There's even a fight with Shrek mixed in for good measure.

The map is massive with multiple endings and has been compared more to a piece of art or a sequel in itself than a simple Doom map. In the Google Drive where you can download the game are also files, including journal entries and photos, that reveal more of the lore behind the map, turning the whole experience into more of a creepypasta than a simple map. It's best to go into the game as blind as possible to avoid spoilers, but there are also plenty of videos on YouTube exploring every nook and cranny of the experience, some with millions of views.

How To Play MyHouse.Wad

To play MyHouse.Wad, you'll first need to download the Doom launcher GZDoom. This can be downloaded at for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu platforms. Once downloaded, unzip the contents into a folder somewhere on your computer.

Next, you'll need to download a .wad file for Doom II. Multiple Doom II .wads are available on, but the one you want is labeled "Doom II – HeIl on Earth (v1.9)." Download this, then put it in the same folder as your GZDoom files.

Finally, you want to download MyHouse.pk3 from the Google Drive folder provided by Veddge and place it, again, in the root of your GZDoom folder. Now all you need to do is drag MyHouse.pk3 onto the GZDoom icon and voila, the game should launch.

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For the full details on MyHouse.Wad, be sure to check out our entry on the game here for even more information.

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