Two Beach that makes you old memes

What Is 'The Beach That Makes You Old?' Memes About The Beach From The Movie 'Old' Explained

M. Night Shyamalan's Old was a novelty in the horror movie genre in how seriously it took itself despite the apparent absurdity of its premise. A fear of aging as manifested in a fear of a specific beach that makes you old is rife with meme potential, especially considering Shyamalan's previous contributions to the meme cannon.

If you've seen memes referencing a beach that makes you old and are looking for some more information on what that could possibly mean, here's a refresher on the meme's history.

You're laughing. I went to the beach that makes you old and it made me old and you're laughing. My parents at age 5 What is happening to us??? It's this crazy beach! mike ginn O @shutupmikeginn when the frisbee goes over the fence at the beach that makes you old and one of you has to go get it 1:58 PM · Jul 25, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
T AM TIRED OF EARTH, THIS BEACH. TAM TIRED OF HOW IT MAKES YOU OLD. Sure daughter now let's get you to bed I was only at the beach for 30 minutes! Ross Miller ... @rosstmiller Paul Rudd before and after visiting the Old beach 11:48 AM · Jul 25, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Where Does The 'Beach That Makes You Old' Come From?

In 2021, supernatural and horror movie director M. Night Shyamalan released perhaps his strangest movie yet. A set of families visiting a beach resort find themselves in a unique pickle after visiting a beach that starts to age them rapidly.

The absurdity of the movie's premise naturally led to various memes about it, with people joking about what would happen if they, their friends, or people in fictional scenarios went to visit the beach as well.

How Did The 'Beach That Makes You Old' Become A Meme?

Some of the earliest memes about the beach from Old made references to the simplicity and uniqueness of its premise. Other jokes played into the absurdity of fearing a beach, even if it does make you old.

Jake of Fox Chase @JEBermanator The five types of narrative: Man vs Man Man vs Nature Man vs Self Man vs Society What If a Beach Made You Old 6:51 PM · Jul 19, 2021 · Twitter Web App Not the one that makes you old, right? Let's go to the beach.
zach silberberg ... @zachsilberberg t shirt that says "i went to the beach that makes you old and all i got was old" 12:39 PM · Jul 23, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Other jokes used the beach as a humorous reference point to make an entirely different joke, like this fake quote from a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up segment and this "All-Star" parody.

Everyone's talking about this beach. The beach that makes you old! And it's scary right? I'm scared of the beach! What if my girlfriend goes there?! Rebecca Alter @ralter someBODY once told me the beach was gonna old me 11:18 PM · Jul 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

For the full history of the beach that makes you old, be sure to check out our entry on it here for even more information.

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