Cat Blender video explained

What Is The Disturbing 'Cat Blender Video' And Why Are They Talking About It On TikTok And Twitter?

So far in the month of May, Twitter and TikTok have been talking about a cat blender video which is brutally disgusting for any eye.

Instead of looking up the freaky video, look at some of the memes about it instead. There are plenty of reactions online, just like any shock media trend.

Besides reactions, there are a lot of questions floating around, like, where did this video come from? Who posted it first? And what exactly is shown in the video? Let's explain.

What Is The 'Cat Blender Video?'

Long story short, the video in question involves a cat and a blender with the feline creature being put inside the blender and the blender being turned on. It's also worth noting that the cat was seemingly alive at the time of the incident.

Who Made The 'Cat Blender Video?'

As of right now, it is currently unknown who filmed the video in question. Some online believe that it was filmed in China given the Chinese lettering on the outside of the blender. Many internet detectives are trying to uncover who the evil culprit is in an attempt to dox them and turn them in to the proper authorities.

scary videos @scarycontent18 Can anyone translate it pls we need to know what language it is and what we already know is that it is somewhere in Asia. MERENT.. 2:28 AM - May 3, 2023 82.7K Views ...

Who Posted The 'Cat Blender Video?'

What we do know about the video is that it surfaced en masse on May 2nd of this year. How we know this is because a bunch of Twitter users started flooding the site with affirmations that they watched a crazy video with a cat and a blender. A Twitter account called @scarycontent18 actually shared the full video on that day, however, it has since been deleted by the moderation team.

Since that fatal day, many reactions and memes about the video have surfaced on the web, spreading to TikTok and Reddit where don't Google trends are prevalent. Don't worry, you don't have to watch the video. Just enjoy the memes and laugh at the people who did.

@gxfazos How could you even do that to a animal🤦🏾‍♂️ . #catblender #cat #fyp #speed #ishowspeed #sad #twitter ♬ Real ishowspeed – Joey

@playboi_carti_lover911 why… #cat #blender #shockvideo #gore #batman #joker ♬ original sound – Emyhr Rhymes

For the full history of the cat blender video, be sure to check out our entry on it here for even more information.

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