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What Is 'The Frog Video' And Where To Find It? All About The Viral Shock Media

On November 2nd, 2023, a shocking video involving a woman, a man, and a frog went viral on social media. Those who viewed the video were quick to post their negative reactions to it, with many declaring that they were traumatized by it or were planning to quit social media altogether. If you're curious about it, but want to skip the trauma of seeing it yourself, this should be all you need.

What Is 'The Frog Video?'

'The Frog Video' refers to a 25-second clip that was uploaded to social media of a frog being extracted from a woman's vagina. However, the clip that is shown is played in reversed, meaning that it starts off showing a frog sitting nicely on a couch, before a woman enters the frame, and the frog immediately enters her. After that, a man's hand can be seen grabbing at the frog's leg as it begins to wriggle itself deeper until only the single foot remains, sticking out and hanging there before the video ends.

juju s @ayeejuju just saw the frog video BRIMAN2000 THNEED CO. WOOD 20 Subscribe ...

Who Is In The Frog Video?

The woman and man in the frog video are unable to be identified, and the quality of the video is not detailed enough to be able to properly identify what type of frog is being used. This led to further discussion happening as people were upset at seeing the video especially so soon after the viral Horse Video.

Where To Find 'The Frog Video?'

Since "The Frog Video" is NSFW and may be illegal to distribute in some jurisdictions, finding it online could be troublesome. However, simply searching for "frog video" on X is likely to yield results. Another working way to find it is checking the hidden replies on popular posts referencing the video.

'The Frog Video' Memes And Reactions

Similar to other shock media that quickly go viral on social media such as the Horse video, the video quickly spawned viral reactions and memes. In memes, users often describe experiencing shock after first stumbling upon and watching the video.

What Is The Other Video Similar To 'The Frog Video'?

Earlier in the year, a video involving a woman, a man, and a trout quickly went viral. This video was later called Trout For Clout but in the aftermath of the Frog video others have simply called it the "Fish Video" when discussing it online.

BloodyLoveLeh @No2ofTheBLB The lady killing the trout/fish by ramming it up the old front bottom has been posted in to the BloodyLoveLeh brotherhood. Com website 350k times in 5 days Watt a f------ bazaar world we live ind @No2ofTheBLB #FishingGirls #trout 94.1K views 6:33 AM Jan 24, 2023 180.2K Views : 0:04/0:09 ²

For the full history of "The Frog Video," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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