A screenshot from the viral frog video and a reaction meme to it.

The Frog Video

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The Frog Video refers to a viral shock video showing a reversed frog extraction from a woman's vagina. In early November 2023 the video rapidly spread on X / Twitter after numerous users began to post and talk about it following the initial shock of "The Horse Video" that similarly trended online around the same time. The graphic clip elicited similar reactions and memes, with many swearing off social media as a result of it or generally expressing their disgust.


On November 2nd, 2023, social media users began to post their experiences with a shocking video appearing on their timelines, most often on X.

In the 25-second clip that became known as "The Frog Video," a medium-sized frog can be seen sitting on a couch before a nude woman moves into the frame and the frog appears to glide into her vagina. A man's hand can then be seen coming into the frame and seeming to help it work its way fully inside until just a small foot is hanging out of it. The footage, being reversed in the November 2023 viral video, stems from a clip of a live frog being extracted from a woman, with no context given as to how it got there in the first place.

At around 6 p.m. EST, X user @AFCYanis[1] uploaded one of the earliest known reactions to seeing the video, commenting on why it exists in the first place and on how smoothly the frog seems to enter into the woman (shown below).


Without any context being given, reactions to the frog video were largely visceral, with many social media users expressing their continued disgust at the clip so shortly after being exposed to "The Horse Video" the day prior. On November 2nd, 2023, at 7:20 p.m. EST, X user @ayeejuju[2] uploaded a picture of The Lorax giving a Thousand Yard Stare as they explained that they had also just witnessed the frog video, earning over 8.2 million views in four hours (shown below).

juju s @ayeejuju just saw the frog video BRIMAN2000 THNEED CO. WOOD 20 Subscribe ...

The following hour, X user @LampteyBig[3] then uploaded a video of the Tommy Shelby Holding A Gun To His Head meme as his reaction to being asked if he had seen the frog video (shown below).

The Fish Video

The Fish Video is a viral video and name given to a yet unspecified piece of shock media circulated on X / Twitter in early November 2023. The phrase could refer to a clip originally called 2 Guys 1 Fish in which a man is fellated by a fish, but it could also refer to another piece of shock media called Girl With A Trout. "The Fish Video" was notably part of a series of shock videos that went viral in late October and early November 2023, a trend that began with The Horse Video and continued with The Frog Video, among others, which each generated significant discourse and reaction memes on social media.

The Horse Video

The Horse Video refers to a leaked bestiality video of an unknown man getting penetrated by a white horse. In early November 2023, the video went viral on X and other social media platforms, being spread as shock media and subsequently inspiring memes and reactions online. While the clip claims that the man's name is Michael Hanley, his identity has not been confirmed.

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