Lois Screaming "Peter"

What's The Big Deal About This Viral 'Family Guy' Clip, And Why Is Lois Griffin So Horrified?

The latest episode of Family Guy has the internet in stitches over a scene where Lois scream's Peter's name at the top of her lungs in her signature "PEETAAAHH" way. Whether it's on TikTok or Twitter, the video has been making the rounds with very little context, leaving many wondering, "Why is she screaming like that?" Here's what you need to know.

What Is The Context Of The "Lois Screams 'Peter'" Viral Meme Video?

The scene where Lois screams Peter's name comes from the October 16th, 2022 episode of Family Guy titled "The Munchurian Candidate." In the episode, Lois reveals to her girlfriends that Peter is hesitant to perform oral sex on her. Peter is put under hypnosis during a hypnotherapy session and given a trigger word that makes him perform oral sex on her, however, the trigger word gets mixed up. When Peter hears the theme to the show Extra, which goes, "extra, extra," it triggers the prompt, making him go down on Lois.

Things go wrong when Peter and Lois visit Lois' parents' house. During dinner, Peter goes up to Lois' mother Babs' room to deliver her a plate, as she is sick and bedridden. While he's up there, Extra comes on the TV, triggering him and leading him to go down on Babs. Lois hears the song and rushes up to stop Peter. She swings open the door and screams his name for a few seconds straight, but it's too late.

How Are People Using 'Lois Screams 'Peter''' In Memes?

Since the episode aired, people have been sharing the clip on social media, particularly on Twitter, TikTok and YouTube, making it go viral. Some people are sharing their reactions to the clip alongside their posts, while others are remixing it by adding new sound effects and contexts. One Twitter user took the clip and edited the Team Fortress 2 Spy into the mix, making for a truly cursed clip.

On TikTok, the audio clip itself has taken off as an original sound in similar reaction videos and as a lip dub sound. In these skits, people are reframing the scene from "The Munchurian Candidate" to fit around situations from their own life.


For the full details on the Lois Screams 'Peter' meme trend and viral story, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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