Streamer Sketch known for the "What's Up Brother?" meme.

What's The 'What's Up Brother' Meme? Who's Sketch And Why Does Every Man Know His 'Finger Up' Catchphrase?

A streamer named Sketch is going viral for his catchphrase "What's up brother? Tuesday, Tuesday," shown with his finger up, glasses foggy and Texans jersey on.

A TikTok trend has blossomed of women approaching their man with their finger raised, asking them, "What's up brother?" in Sketch's tone. It seems like every straight guy on the internet knows this nerdy guy's call-and-response. Seen on countless Twitch streams with Jynxzi, Sketch is up-and-coming.

So, who is Sketch? What's the "What's up brother?" meme and why does every guy know it? Let's explain.

Who's Streamer Sketch?

Sketch is a streamer on YouTube and Twitch who primarily plays Madden, the NFL video game. He's a big Houston Texans fan, usually seen wearing a C. J. Stroud #7 jersey.

Per a podcast interview with Jynxzi, Sketch is from the Houston, Texas area. Apparently, he transferred to four different colleges in two years, telling Jynxzi, "You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take."

Sketch and Jynxzi started collabing at the beginning of the year. Before that, Sketch was playing Madden with fellow Twitch creator Zach Lewis. Alongside Jynxzi, Sketch has grown a massive fanbase of over 601,000 followers on Twitch.

What's The 'What's Up Brother' Meme?

Early on in Sketch's Twitch career, he fell into a series of catchphrases and gestures that he cycled through while playing Madden. One of his most common gestures is pointing his index finger in the air. Plus, he says "brother" all of the time.

These two tropes combined to make the "What's up brother?" meme. The original clip was from Jynxzi's stream when he called Sketch on FaceTime and Sketch greeted him with a dorky "What's up brother?"

Sketch also says other phrases like "Tuesday, Tuesday" while playing Madden. Another classic is when he rants about special teams, saying, "Special teams, special plays, special players."

Mostly male internet users (within professional sports meme circles) have become highly exposed to Sketch's antics as the year's progressed. Now, girlfriends are confused as to why their boyfriends know Sketch's phrases by heart.

A budding and viral TikTok trend has sparked from this confusion as women approach their man with their finger up, saying, "What's up brother?" Their guys respond accordingly.

@emmavergaraa #stitch with @Donnie ♬ original sound – emma vergara

@tannerthomas_ Whats up brother!👆🏻🎧 . . . #sketch #jynxzi #savannahbananas #partyanimals #fyp #tannerthomas ♬ original sound – Tanner Thomas

Plus, professional athletes are even joining the trend, coming from every American and European sports league out there. NBA players like Pascal Siakahm and NFL players like Sauce Gardner seem to be fans of the young Sketch.

Who's Streamer Jynxzi?

Jynxzi is a Twitch streamer who excelled on the internet's main stage last year. He's a Floridian and he's been streaming since 2020. Viral clips like "Light work, no reaction" have made him a household name. Like Kai Cenat and Caseoh, he's leading the next generation of streamers.

For the full history of Sketch's "What's Up Brother?" be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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