The guy from the "Your Final Challenge Let Yo Bih Go Through Your Phone" meme.

What's The 'Your Final Challenge Let Yo Bih Go Through Your Phone' Meme? The 'Oh Hell Nah Yo Ass Tweakin Jigsaw' Meme Explained

A new Hood Irony meme has taken over TikTok. It shows the Saw villain Jigsaw saying, "Your final challenge, let yo bih go through your phone!!!!" and a man shouting in all caps, "HELL NA YO ASS TWEAKIN JIGSAW."

This meme has truly clogged the "For You" page algorithm for many users as increasingly absurd Brainrot voiceovers and edits appear in the Hood Lobotomy meme sphere. (Do any of these words make sense?)

For those who are confused and want to know what the origin of this meme is, let's explain.

Where Did The 'Hell Na Yo Ass Tweakin Jigsaw' Meme Come From?

The original meme was created by Instagram user @yocrizp who posted it in March. The meme spread fast via reposts on Instagram and Twitter / X continuing into the following months.


You might already know @yocrizp because he's also the creator of the well-known Freaky ๐Ÿ‘… meme trend. The Papyrus Irony trend shows "๐“ฏ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ช๐“ด๐”‚" versions of things. It's dominated the internet's hivemind in 2024.

Im fr a freak Just Imk.. New York

Who Made The 'Oh Hell Nah Yo Ass Tweakin Jigsaw' Voiceover?

Months after the original meme was posted on Instagram, TikToker @juggggin shared a voiceover of it, seemingly with the help of their mutual @frnkospirit because they tagged him in the video's description.

The voiceover earned over 5 million views in less than a week and has spawned a viral TikTok sound that other creators are using.

@juggggin @frnkospirit #summrs #kankan #osamasonk #slayworld #fyp #playboicarti #kencarson #destroylonely #lucki #che #izayatiji #daniellarson #skeletrixisland #yeat #jaydes โ™ฌ original sound โ€“ jugggin

Why Is 'Hell Na Yo Ass Tweakin Jigsaw' Viral On TikTok?

Ever since the voiceover went viral on the platform, TikTokers have been sharing their own voiceovers, edits and absurd iterations. Something about this meme is resonating with people and unlocking their creativity.

For instance, one TikToker made a British version in which Jigsaw says, "And for your ultimate fiascoโ€ฆ" Another creator posted a video in which the meme's underwater, using a voice filter to add to the setting.

Increasingly cursed and lobotomized iterations are surfacing en masse, perfectly embodying that one guy's FYP.

For the full history of "Hell na yo ass tweakin Jigsaw," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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