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Who Are The 'Seasoning Police?' Zoe Barrie's Cooking Advice Explained

Cooking content on the internet is a universal pleasure, as made evident by the scores of people watching someone cook something they themselves will never actually make. But the fact that most people cook, even if they don't cook well, make internet chefs a unique target for holier-than-thou harassment.

This was the case for TikTok chef Zoe Barrie, whose attempt to set her trolls right turned into a bizarre and racially charged online event. Here's the lore: Barrie's original gripe, and how it turned into some people using the phrase "Seasoning Police" as a substitute for Black people.

What Was Zoe Barrie's 'Seasoning Police' Video?

Zoe Barrie is a TikTok chef and content creator who posted a video showing herself cooking chicken in a relatively simple fresh onion and garlic concoction. After receiving various comments begging her to "PLEASE SEASON YOUR CHICKEN," Barrie posted a video hitting back at the so-called "seasoning police."

@zoebarrie a true ✨family meal✨ 🤌🏼 (s/o to my aunt for sending us home with a half loaf of ciabatta) #familymeal #easydinner ♬ original sound – Zoe Barrie

@zoebarrie Replying to @hudaam i will also bet that none of the best restaurants in the world are using powdered spices to flavor their food, respectfully #seasoning #cooking ♬ original sound – Zoe Barrie

She explained that salt is often the primary acid that helps bring out natural flavors in fresh ingredients and that it's acceptable to use fresh onions and garlic instead of their powdered versions to season things. Her cocky presentation of these facts caught the attention of people on Twitter eager to parrot her opinions, and the next phase of the trend's evolution began.

What Did People Think Of The 'Seasoning Police?'

After the video was reposted to Twitter, various commentators began to discuss against and in favor of Barrie's opinions on seasoning. While the general consensus seemed to be that less powdered seasoning and more of a focus on the innate flavors in meat was as fine a way to cook as any, some people seemed to think that Barrie's derision against people she dubbed as "seasoning police" was racially charged.

momo @ModeMonadic. Mar 18 this is more genuinely white supremacist content than 99 percent of what aryan agartha groyper accounts put out Senator J.D. Vyvanse (R-OH) @bonethirty. Mar 16 they hated Her because She told the truth Show this thread 16 momo 1 97 @ModeMonadic McCormic m Onion Powder 1,367 KIRKLAND Tik Tok 200Lauk ₁59.3K ←] the way she said "seasoning police" was more powerfully racist than any slur I've heard 10:36 AM. Mar 18, 2023 6,665 Views Aldo @albademiks This women in one TikTok has done more for the dissident right than any radfem/trad poster on here. Senator J.D. Vyvanse (R-OH) @bonethirty. Mar 16 they hated Her because she told the truth Show this thread 3:09 PM Mar 17, 2023 112K Views JACK STA BARBECU ALL PURPOSE d ik Tok @zoebarrie :

The initial comment Barrie responded to in her viral video was from an Arab woman, but internet commenters noted that heavy use of the seasonings Barrie cautioned against were often staples in Black American cooking. Some people went as far as to allege that Barrie meant to say Black when she said "seasoning police."

How Did People Start Using The Term 'Seasoning Police?'

Jokes about Barrie being a closet bigot flamed the flames decrying her "affront" to seasoning, with people comparing her to Nazis, Fremen from Dune, and even the racist creator of Dilbert.

(UU) Eight Eyed Eel (UU) @8Eyed Eel You killed the man Not the idea 10:27 PM - Mar 19, 2023 · 123.2K Views ... : Zero HP Lovecraft @0x49fa98 She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen 11:43 AM. Mar 20, 2023 652K Views UTO ...
Dick Molesterson @DickMolesterson "Seasoning Police" was just a racist dogwhistle for those filthy Harkonnens. 5:24 PM Mar 20, 2023 1,164 Views de David Santa Carla @TheOnlyDSC I'm opening a restaurant... 2:09 PM Mar 20, 2023 41.8K Views . ...

Other people were less joking with their use of the term, flipping the punchline away from a dunk on Barrie, and into an overtly racist narrative.

DS DISSIDENT SOAPS Dissident Soaps @DissidentSoaps Remember when someone tweeted pictures of an upstate New York farm store that was on the unmanned honor system. Seasoning Americans drove out there and took everything just so they could post pictures of the ransacked country store and laugh at how stupid the owners were. Michael Sebastian @HonorAndDaring. Mar 24 In Japan, they have unstaffed food stands. People just pay on the honor system. Why can't we have this in the U.S.? Why do we accept living in a low trust society? ¥100 O ¥100 ¥100 44 O Beagle ¥100 ¥100 64040 ¥100 7:04 PM Mar 24, 2023 386.4K Views 313++ SPESIEBED Her 18-25 16 14 M 594 Retweets 30 Quotes 4,803 Likes 274 Bookmarks : EB @__ejb_____ If the seasoning police are going to get btfo'd this badly in the cooking department by a tiktok chef, how badly are they going to do in a "build a functioning civilization" contest? 12:39 AM Mar 25, 2023 8,359 Views 33 Retweets 1 Quote 279 Likes 7 Bookmarks

For the full history of the term "seasoning police," be sure to check out our entry on it here for even more information.

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