Air Mattress Ashley meme explained

Who Is 'Air Mattress Ashley?' The TikTok Meme And Slang Term Explained

A new slang term is surfacing on TikTok that describes women who enjoy the company of husbands and boyfriends that are already spoken for. Air Mattress Ashley is her name, and she's normalizing homewrecking on the app.

Although it sounds nonsensical at first, Air Mattress Ashley holds a lot of nuance in its three words. It paints the picture of a female archetype that many women both idolize and criticize.

So, what is the Air Mattress Ashley meme? Who started it and what does it mean exactly? Let's explain.

What Does 'Air Mattress Ashley' Mean?

The nickname Air Mattress Ashley represents a woman who is a low bar for men's sexual desires. The nickname suggests that Ashley doesn't have anything going for her and her most defining quality is her air mattress. Having an air mattress suggests that Ashley is sleeping everywhere, as in "sleeping around," and on top of that, she's too broke to afford a real bed.

Air Mattress Ashley is used to degrade women who sleep with already-taken husbands and boyfriends. At the same time, the nickname is a diss on the cheating men as well, suggesting that the men's standards are so low that they'd even sleep with Air Mattress Ashley out of all people.

Who Created The 'Air Mattress Ashley' Meme?

The aforementioned definition of Air Mattress Ashley is exemplified in the original TikTok that coined the term. It was posted on May 29th, 2021, by TikToker @reyofsunshine76, who went on a rant about why women get so mad when their men cheat. She listed off a bunch of male nicknames like "Sugar Daddy Sam" and "Free Food Fred" to be examples of all the male archetypes women pass up on based on their loyalty. Meanwhile, men will take the first chance they get on someone like "Air Mattress Ashley."


this goes for females too though

♬ air mattress ashley – ReyRey

Although the term was coined two years ago, Air Mattress Ashley memes are trending right now on TikTok more than ever before. This is mostly because of discourse surrounding a female TikToker with the username @meeshell719. She posted a series of videos over the past couple of months that bragged about stealing husbands and boyfriends away from women.

Because of this, @meeshell719 was nicknamed Air Mattress Ashley and soon became the defining face of the slang term. The hate comments got so bad for her that she's since deleted her account. However, many of the duets and stitches are still up that humorously criticized her.

@savagebossbitch86 #stitch with @meeshell719 ♬ Last Night – Morgan Wallen

@savagebossbitch86 Replying to @ka13n4 #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – Sassafrass

For the full history of Air Mattress Ashley, be sure to check out our entry on the slang term here for even more information.

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