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Who Is Joeyy? The Viral Rapper And Meme Legend Explained

Since the beginning of last year, one rapper has captivated the meme-sphere with his enigmatic selfies, viral TikTok sounds and piercing gaze. His name is Joeyy and he's the one who wants you to join the Shadow Wizard Money Gang.

Many know his music but not too many know the man, the origin, and what brought him to collaborate with Sam Hyde to dunk on iDubbbz with the rest of Shed Theory in tow. So, let's explain this trending meme rapper.

People don't even say "bless you" anymore, they just look at you like this

Who Is Joeyy?

Joeyy grew up in eastern Massachusetts in the small, suburban town of Attleboro. He started his rap career in 2011 when he started posting music to Rate Your Music. His debut mixtape was called To: You From: My Mind and it received a whopping 1.71/5.

Since then, Joeyy's music has only improved, or at least, the public perception of it has, meaning the culture might have finally caught up to his movie-like vision. Throughout 2011 and his early career, he uploaded many mixtapes to Rate Your Music, not officially launching a music video until the year 2016.

In the year 2023, Joeyy's music has gone viral and he's garnered a cult following along with his rap group Shed Theory, consisting of fellow rappers like Dream Caster, Ricky Chix and Marlon Dubois, among others. Marlon and Joeyy make the most amount of music together, having released collab albums like the duo's latest one titled MIRY.

How Did Joeyy Meet Sam Hyde?

The niche side of the internet that's fascinated with web personality Sam Hyde first knew about Joeyy when the two collabed on a rap song "GOOe" and its corresponding music video in late 2021. It was posted to the HydeWars channel and immediately started turning heads as to who the man dubbed "1️⃣ 1man" was.

Of course, 1man was a pseudonym for Joeyy, and a few months later, he made another appearance in a HydeWars video, namely, the now-famous Sam Hyde vs. iDubbbz video. He played the part of a video team member who was obsessed with the "rapper" lifestyle. This wasn't so far off from his normal persona.

It's said that Joeyy was a "sound guy" for Hyde in the early part of 2020, leading to his eventual rise in the internet game.

How Did Joeyy Go Viral On TikTok And In Memes?

Building on the clout he garnered from the Sam Hyde collab, Joeyy went viral within hood irony meme spheres on Instagram, where they used his glitzy selfies for ironic exploitation.

When prayer becomes your habit, miračles become your lifestyle @salit.scoop Brailled: Fit Of The Week B @BrailledFOTW *Pulls into the gas station* Dude: will that be cash or credit? Me: Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed 11:26 PM · Apr 18, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed Professor: "Good morni..." Freshmen:

As the year 2022 continued, Joeyy's songs became viral TikTok memes, mainly due to his collaborations with storied phonk producer DJ Smokey and his collective called Nuke Radio. Smokey's producer tags are what made the memes, the first one being the now-notorious "legalize nuclear bombs."

This spiraled into the even more viral Shadow Wizard Money Gang, which made Wizardposting, like, the coolest thing to do online.

For the full history of Joeyy, be sure to check out our entry on the rapper here for even more information.

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