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Joeyy / Jxxyy

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Joeyy rapper, Joeyy surf gang, Joeyy sam hyde.
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Type: Musician,
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Joeyy rapper, Joeyy surf gang, Joeyy sam hyde.


Joeyy, real name Joseph Green and also known as Jxxyy, is a rapper and hip-hop musician associated with the group Shed Theory as well as Sam Hyde's Million Dollar Extreme and 1Team. In 2018, he began posting music to SoundCloud and has also grown a following on Spotify and He's known in memes for his over-glowed selfies that are used as image macros. He also played a role in the 2022 iDubbbz vs. Sam Hyde video on YouTube. In mid-2022, the TikTok sounds Legalize Nuclear Bombs, Call The Fire Department We Just Nuked The Building and Shadow Money Wizard Gang went viral from his songs with phonk producer DJ Smokey and the collective Nuke Radio.

Musical History

Joseph Green, a.k.a. Joeyy, was born on December 20th,1996,[17] and grew up in Attleboro, Massachusetts.[1] His online presence started on Twitter, which dates back to August 2009, however, his first accessible tweets are from 2012.[1]

Joeyy started posting music to Rate Your Music in 2011, uploading his debut mixtape To: You From: My Mind to RYM[15] on April 2nd, 2011. His music remained on RYM[16] from 2011-2016. On June 16th, 2016, the YouTube channel TRILLPHONK uploaded a video for his track, "by myself," which over the course of five years received roughly 5,600 views (shown below, left). On February 24th, 2017, the YouTube channel TRILLPHONK posted another Joeyy music video, receiving roughly 3,800 views over the course of five years (shown below, right).

In 2018, Joeyy started posting music to SoundCloud, uploading his first track "Venom" sometime that year (shown below). It received little engagement over the course of four years.

In 2019, Joeyy started posting more frequently on Twitter.[2] He started posting obscure and over-glowed selfies in late 2020. For instance, he posted one on December 20th, 2020,[3] and also, one on December 27th, 2020,[4] that each received over 50 likes in two years (examples shown below).


In 2020, his music videos received increased engagement. For instance, on February 1st, 2020, he uploaded his music video for "Kissy Face" which received roughly 23,900 views in two years (shown below). In early 2021, he collabed with rapper RXK Nephew. He was featured on Papi's track, "East End Boy Remix," which was posted to YouTube on March 11th, 2021, where it received roughly 8,400 views over the course of one year (since deleted).

On July 24th, 2021, Joeyy uploaded his first full-length EP to YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify titled, Attention 2 Retail.[5] Additionally, his most-listened track on Soundcloud as of April 2022 is, "Retarded," which gained roughly 113,000 listens over the course of two years.[6]

Joeyy and Sam Hyde

On November 19th, 2021, the YouTube channel of HydeWars posted a rap music video for a song titled, "GOOe.” Million Dollar Extreme member Sam Hyde was featured in it, as well as Joeyy. Over the course of five months, the video received roughly 391,000 views (shown below).

Sam Hyde: I got drip, drip, drip, drip, drippy drop.

On January 8th, 2022, HydeWars uploaded the Sam Hyde vs. iDubbbz video titled, "The Truth About iDubbbz," which over the course of four months received roughly 2.2 million views. Joeyy played a role in Hyde's posse, acting as his trap, hip-hop friend dedicated to making beats. One of his primary segments in the video started at the 32:42-minute mark when he was making Lean and talking about it to iDubbbz's camera crew (shown below).

Other Memes

Joeyy became more well-known in meme discourse inspired by his association with Sam Hyde. For instance, on January 31st, 2022, Twitter[7] user TedGare2 made a meme using the Yes Chad format and made Joeyy into a Wojak comic. The meme (shown below, left) received over 60 likes in three months. On April 7th, 2022, Twitter[8] user AmyBestevez posted a meme that used the Is He Next Up Out Of Atlanta? format, earning over 170 likes in three weeks (shown below, right). More viral instances surfaced going into the remainder of April 2022.[9]

Movie Nooo you can't just be a massively talented and fashionable popstar while also being white and fat!!!

Various Examples

When prayer becomes your habit, miračles become your lifestyle @salit.scoop Brailled: Fit Of The Week B @BrailledFOTW *Pulls into the gas station* Dude: will that be cash or credit? Me: Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed 11:26 PM · Apr 18, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed Signed Professor: "Good morni..." Freshmen:

Joeyy TikTok Sounds

Legalize Nuclear Bombs

Legalize Nuclear Bombs refers to a producer tag stated in Joeyy's song "ᘜ𝒶ɹв︎𐌀ℵz𐌏" (Galbanzo) uploaded to YouTube on May 31st, 2022. At the 1:29-minute mark (shown below), a deep voice recites "Legalize Nuclear Bombs" as the trap beat continues. In three months, the music video received roughly 40,000 views and 4,100 likes.

On August 7th, 2022, TikToker[10] unfunnyjokes uploaded the Legalize Nuclear Bombs snippet as a video, earning roughly 688,400 plays and 170,600 likes over the course of eight days (since deleted). Many TikToks then surfaced using the sound[11] in August 2022.

Call The Fire Department We Just Nuked The Building

Call The Fire Department, We Just Nuked The Building is another Joeyy and DJ Smokey producer tag that went viral on TikTok in August 2022.

On May 14th, 2022, the official audio for Joeyy and DJ Smokey's song "Tempt (feat. Marlon DuBois)" was uploaded to YouTube, earning roughly 8,400 views over the course of three months. At the 1:08-minute mark, a deep, producer tag recites, "Call the fire department, we just nuked the building" (shown below).

On August 14th, 2022, TikToker[12] creamkings posted an American Psycho / Patrick Bateman video meme about, "Me after the White House opens up the big unlabeled package I sent them." TikToker creamkings used the "Call the fire department" producer tag as the video's audio and over the course of five days, it received roughly 176,900 plays and 22,900 likes (shown below).

In the days that followed, other TikTokers started using the creamkings' sound for their own videos. For instance, on August 16th, 2022, TikToker[13] myyheim used the sound for a video with text overlay reading, "who's coming up wit these producer tags ? 💀," earning roughly 1 million plays and 253,700 likes in three days (since deleted). On August 16th, 2022, TikToker[14] surreallt uploaded a video wherein he referenced both Joeyy and DJ Smokey producer tags outside of the audio, earning roughly 792,700 plays and 222,300 likes in three days (shown below, right).

Shadow Wizard Money Gang

Shadow Wizard Money Gang, continued We Love Casting Spells, is one of DJ Smokey's producer tags, used in the Joeyy song "Gout," released in early December 2022. The producer tag, which is similar to the "legalize nuclear bombs," went viral on TikTok in January 2023 when it was paired with a clip of a TikToker saying "masturbation is a form of witchcraft."

Search Interest

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