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Who Is Matan Evan And Why Is He Everywhere? The Bill Clinton Kid And His Goal Explained

Matan Even was first known as the Bill Clinton Kid when he snuck onto the stage of the 2022 Game Awards and thanked his reformed orthodox rabbi. Since then, the kid is everywhere, appearing at random in different settings and stream sniping your favorite Twitch personalities.

Unlike many, Matan Even's goal is unknown. What does he gain from all these public appearances and how is he acquiring Nardwaur-level intel on celebrities and influencers? Is Matan Even truly the main character of this world?

Let's explain who he is, where he came from and what he's doing before he appears in front of your house.


Who Is Matan Even?

One thing that everybody knows about Matan is that he looks pretty young. However, one might be shocked to learn that his internet presence started when he was much younger. Back in 2019, he baited the cameramen at a Los Angeles Clippers game to show a "Free Hong Kong" t-shirt when the protests were happening. He was then interviewed for it on InfoWars and even pulled a similar stunt at BlizzCon soon after.

Overall, Matan's background is a little hazy. What we do know about him is that he's 15 years old, he's from Los Angeles and he's Jewish.

How Did Matan Even Become The 'Bill Clinton Kid?'

In December of last year, Matan Even attended the 2022 Game Awards. When Elden Ring won Game of the Year, he silently infiltrated the team when they were walking up on stage, biding his time behind them so that he could have the last word. He leaned into the mic and thanked his "Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton."

At first, no one knew what to do except post memes about it. Twitter soon flooded with "Bill Clinton Kid" related content, trying to decipher what he meant and who he was. Eventually, the world would learn his name.


When Did Matan Even Say 'Name 10 Books?'

Soon after his infiltration at the Game Awards, Matan made his first appearance as Matan Even on a little-known podcast from NeonSniperPanda in which he was at a table with four OnlyFans models. He got into an argument with one of them and asked her to name ten books, to which she said Game of Thrones and not much else. The clip soon became the subject of sigma male edits on TikTok and elsewhere.

@mataneven 10 📚 #fyp #thegameawards #eldenring #mataneven #fypシ #foryou #godofwar ♬ original sound – Matan Even

What Twitch Streamers Has Matan Even 'Stream Sniped?'

"Stream sniping" is the practice of figuring out where a streamer is when they're streaming in real life. Matan seems to have perfected the artform in recent months, going after the likes of Kai Cenat, xQc and iShowSpeed.

With Speed, for instance, he caught him off-guard at a Shake Shack and handed him a signed Messi jersey, knowing full well that Speed is a die-hard Ronaldo fan. Who will be next on Matan's list?

What Did Matan Even Do To Javale McGee?

Another thing that people can gather about Matan is that he's a fan of the NBA, evident in his first viral stunt at a Clippers game. With this in mind, it seems obvious why he targeted Shaqtin' a Fool MVP JaVale McGee in one of his videos.

McGee took to his Instagram story this year to prove a point about some Zoomer who was filming him in public and trying to get a rise out of him. That kid was none other than the Bill Clinton Kid, who eventually mashed McGee's story and his own filming into one viral video of his own.

What Is Matan Even's Goal?

For a while, Matan Even's motive for trolling was unknown. In a recent video though, he revealed that his main goal is to show celebrities that they're not special. He apparently doesn't like famous people who have "big egos" and think they're in the "upper echelon of society." Therefore, he likes showing them that they're on his level.


My opinion on Famous People

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For the full history of Matan Even, be sure to check out our entry on him here for even more information.

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