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Category: Culture Status: Submission Origin: Region:
Type: Religion,
Tags: judaism, jew, religion, conspiracy, oy vey, happy merchant, stereotypes, belief, good goy,

Category: Culture Status: Submission Origin: Region:
Type: Religion,
Tags: judaism, jew, religion, conspiracy, oy vey, happy merchant, stereotypes, belief, good goy,

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Judaism refers to the religion, philosophy, culture and way of life of the Jewish people, a an ethno-cultural and ethnoreligious group originating from the Israelites of the Ancient Near East.


According to the Hebrew Bible, The Israelites descend from the Patriarchs Abraham, his son Isaac and Isaac's son, Jacob. Around the 18th century BCE, Abraham migrated from Sumeria to Canaan, the Land of Israel,[5] and later Jacob and his family migrated to Ancient Egypt, where their descendants were slaved until the Exodus led by Moses, commonly dated on 13th century. The return of the descendants to Canaan and it's conquer created the Land of Isreal, composed by twelve tribes, but after king Solomon's death the a civil war between then ten northen tribes, the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Benjamin erupted, splitting the nation into Israel (north) and Judah (south). Both kingdoms were destroyed after various conquest by other empires (mainly Babylonic and Roman), making its inhabitants spread to other regions. During the following centuries Jews were persecuted through called pogroms, mainly by Christians. The biggest persecution against the Jews occurred during the Third Reich by the Nazi government, where approximately six million Jews were killed in what would be known as the Holocaust, often referred to as one of the biggest genocides and most horrific in human history.[16]


On 1947, United Nations Assembly reccomended a Partition Plan for Mandatory Palestine, a geopolitical entity under British administration, to give the Jewish a state, consequently creating the State of Israel and the State of Palestine. In modern time, both states have regular conflicts over who has the right to the territory, mutual recognition and security, as well as other issues.[14][15]

CARTOGRAPHIC REGRESSION For nearly a century, the Jewish community in what is now Israel and Palestinian Arabs have battled over a 10,000-square-mile territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Both claim historic and reli gious ties to the land, so the cohas become a geopolitical war with far-reaching implications. Throughout the years of fighting, Israel's share of the land has grown from about 3 percent in 1917 to 87 percent today. PRESENT Palestine before the creation of Israel Proposed borders under the U.N. Partition Plan srael is formed After the Six-Day War Lebanon ebanon Lebanon anon anon Golan Heights Golan Heights Tel Aviv ℡Aviv . Tel Aviv . Tel Aviv . ℡Aviv . Jerusalem International Zonel Jerusalem erusalem Jerusalem --West Bank west Bank Occupied by Israel) West Bank Occupied by Jordan) Gaza Strip- Occupied by Israell Gaza Strip- Occupied by Egypt) Sinai Peninsula Retorned to Egypt n 39821 Palestine Israel Occupied by Israel Palestine Israel Occupied by Israel Arab State Palestine Palestine Jewish State 1967 the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt and Golan Heights from Syria. Jordan, it begins to occupy the region. 1993-1995 The Oslo Accords: Palestine and Israel sign the Declaration of Principles, in which both nations seek recognition as A BRIEF HISTORY OF HOW THE BORDERS CAME TO BE 2005 Gaza Expulsion Plan: Israel's defense forces leave the Gaza Strip and four settlements in the northern West Bank as part of a unilateral disengagement p sea, and ael captures 1897 The World Zionist Organization is created to advocate for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine nnex the West Bank of ous governing bodies. The West Bank is spli into three zones: One fully controlled by Palestinian ontrolled; and one that stays 1948-1949 Arab-Israeli war: The Jewish itself independent in the new state of Israel. War breaks out betwee near in Israeli hands. The Balfour Declaration: British Foreign Secretary 2000 Camp David Summit: The Israeli Army withdraws fr ion and the two c he hel na me recoanize Isra 200 September 2011 Palestine submits a bid to the U.N for stateho April 2003 February-July 1949 First Intifada: Palestinians begin a mass uprising in Gaza Civil disobedience and riots soon spread to the West Bank. l and the Arab states agree to an armistice that 1947 Union, U.N., U.S., and Russia release results in Israel controlling 78 percent of Palestine. The sses ore than 700 rs 1900 2000 A COLLABORATION BETWEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE

Online Reputation

Judaism is currently the twelfth largest religion in the world.[7] Various pages on social networking sites have been made for Judaism on Twitter,[9][10][11]Facebook,[8] Tumblr,[12] and Reddit.[1][13] Online, judaism also has been starred on various conspiracy theories, that often feature jews as media manipulators or being against white race, as well as the use of some stereotypes, like being greedy or having big noses, as trolling, being often featured on pages like 4chan's board /pol/. [6]

Happy Merchant

Happy Merchant is the nickname given to a cartoon portraying a male Jew based on anti-Semitic views, giving it characterizations such as greed, manipulative, and the need for world domination. Mainly posted on political imageboards such as 4chan’s /pol/ and 4chon’s /new/, it is used both ironically and seriously.

The Goyim Know / Shut It Down

The Goyim Knows, also known as Shut It Down, is a catchphrase used to impersonate and mock jews and the conspiracy theories arround them, as a goyim (non-Jewish person) has discovered a Jewish conspiracy, so the Jews shut the conspiracy down to prevent the "truth" from being exposed. The catchprases are often used as captions on images of jews talking on a phone or a handheld transceiver.


Oy Vey

Oy Vey is a Yiddish (language from some jew communities on central and east Europe) expression used to articulate dismay or exasperation, being "oh, woe!" an accurate translation of it.[2][4] Online, the phrase is often been used to parody jews.[3]

Fifty Shades of Oy Vey! fiftyshadesmeme.com


JIDF, also known as Jewish Internet Defense Force[18] is a social justice internet organization against anti-Semitic internet activities or online terrorism.[17][19] Its online activism against websites and pages on Facebook have been criticized by several sites and especially by the political incorrect humor board /pol/. JIDF is often mentioned in any anti-Semitism related discussion on 4chan, usually as an accusation that posters who disagree with anti-Semitic posts are actually covert JIDF members, often in the form "JIDF pls go".[20]

15-10 7 -5 2 -1 0 JIDF DETECTO

Good Goy

"Good Goy" is an expression to impersonate and mock jews, often used as reply to someone who supports or defends jews, or to imply someone is is following a jew conspiracy. "Goy" is Hebrew and Yiddish term for a non-Jewish person,[21]

Watch out, we got a good goy over here.

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