Ballerina Twins from Atomic Heart

Who Is The Real Life Ballerina Twin? All About The Female Robots From 'Atomic Heart'

Towering but slender, graceful yet menacing, the Ballerina Twins from the 2023 video game Atomic Heart have been the center of concentrated hornyposting efforts for the past few weeks.

If you've stumbled upon fan art of these pair of female robots and want to know more about them, including who was the model for them and what is their Instagram account, look no further than this guide.

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Who Are The Ballerina Twins?

The Twins, commonly called the Ballerina Twins, are a pair of robotic bodyguards in the 2023 video game Atomic Heart developed by Russian team Mundfish. In the game, The Twins are creations and personal assistants of roboticist Dmitry Sechenov, and appear in a number of scenes in the game.

The Twins have robotic bodies inspired by ballerinas. Both of the Twins have an adornment atop their heads shaped after a braid crown, a traditional Slavic style of braiding hair. One of the twins also wears a gold-colored jacket.


The Twins first appeared in the August 2022 trailer for the game, with the first fan art dedicated to the duo appearing almost immediately. And after the game was released in February 2023, the popularity really spiked with artists and meme-makers alike.

The Ballerina Twins in Memes

Memes about the Ballerina Twins are mainly centered around people online acting intensely horny for them. The memes often explore the concept of being dominated by the Twins, or ridicule people too enamored by the duo.


Then, of course, there are hundreds if not thousands of fan art pieces of the pair, found all over Twitter, Pixiv and Reddit.

What Are The Ballerina Twins' Real Names?

In Atomic Heart, Ballerina Twins are officially known simply as The Twins, and individually as Left and Right. The characters are voiced and mo-capped by Anita Pudikova, a Russian ballet dancer for Bolshoi Theater.

Do The Ballerina Twins Have Social Media Accounts?

Shortly before the release of Atomic Heart, the game's developer Mundfish created an Instagram account for the Twins, @atomictwinnies, where they post AI-generated art of the duo.

Left Right atomictwinnies 37 posts Left and Right Atomic Heart Twinnies blog ++ 41.4K followers Followed by skumnut Follow POSTS Mila TAGGED Message +0 3 following Download All

Were Ballerina Twins Inspired By A Ukrainian Politician?

It's been speculated that the design of Ballerina Twins is a reference to Ukrainian politician Yulia Timoshenko, known for styling her hair in a braid crown. While the resemblance has been brought up by users in Russia, Ukraine and on Western Twitter alike, it's impossible to say for sure whether this similarity is intentional.

Dinka Kay | TENEBRIX @Dinkakay Replying to @FiilouDE Straight up based the sex slave robots design off of Yulia Tymoshenko... The leader of the Ukrainian 'Batkivshchyna' political party 7:54 AM. Feb 21, 2023 54.3K Views .

For the full history of the Ballerina Twins be sure to check out our database entry for the meme here for even more information.

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