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Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is a first-person action RPG by the Russian video game development studio Mundfish and set in an alternate universe Soviet Union in the year 1955. The character plays the role of Major Sergei Nechayev, who attempts to secure a research facility thrown into chaos after the release of a new technology called "Thought" is sabotaged. Memes and fan art about two robots with female body types known as the "Twins" widely circulated online after appearing in promo media, typically presenting the machines as sexually attractive and desirable. Atomic Heart also drew criticisms from many leading up to its release in early 2023 after people began spreading word of Mundfish's purported ties to the Russian government and ongoing controversy surrounding the Ukraine war.


The game was first announced with a teaser trailer that was uploaded to YouTube on July 22nd, 2017, by the official Atomic Heart[1] YouTube Channel, showcasing some examples of gore and environmental storytelling, set to a distorted carnival-type beat, earning over 1.8 million views in five years. (shown below).

The game would continue to release small trailers year after year until the eventual Combat Trailer[2] that debuted at Gamescom 2022, telling the world that the game was almost finished and to be excited for its release date of February 21st, 2023. The combat trailer received over 6.7 million views in six months, indicative of the game's favorably received initial promos (shown below).

Online Presence

The game enjoys a strong internet presence that is somewhat coalesced into the subreddit /r/AtomicHeart.[4] This sub, created on May 8th, 2018, garnered over 6,400 members in roughly five years. Atomic Heart also has an official YouTube[8] channel with over 234,000 subscribers as of mid-February 2023.

Twins / Robot Fetishism

One of the most prevalent parts of Atomic Heart online leading up to the game's release was the two feminine-looking robots called the "Twins" — primarily revolved around memes, artwork and discussions about the two characters and robot fetishism.

For example, on January 15th, 2023, Redditor SuperChat01 posted an I Serve the Soviet Union meme on the /r/AtomicHeart[6] subreddit referencing the Twins, receiving over 420 upvotes in 25 days (seen below, left). On January 17th, Twitter[7] user zzzHADOzzz also tweeted about the Twins, receiving nearly 4,800 likes and 450 retweets in a similar timeframe (seen below, right).

Me after seeing the twins in the atomic heart trailer: I serve the Soviet Union HADO** @zzzHADOzzz Ya know what time it is, guys? It's machine supremacy time! 11:14 AM - Jan 17, 2023 - 45.7K Views 375 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 3,836 Likes 17 ←]


Mundfish's Ties to Russian Government

On January 16th, 2023, after noticing several comments from fans of the game questioning the studio and it's ties to the Russian Government, studio Mundfish released three statements on Twitter in an attempt to put the issue to rest, which instead only pushed it further out into social media, with more people paying attention to it as a result (shown below).

@mundfish. Jan 16 @Mundfish #AtomicHeart Guys, we have noted the questions surrounding where we, at Mundfish, stand. We want to assure you that Mundfish is a developer and studio with a global team focused on an innovative game and is undeniably a pro-peace organization against violence against people. 584 1 359 2,523 ilıl 459.5K @Mundfish #AtomicHeart @mundfish - Jan 16 We do not comment on politics or religion. Rest assured; we are a global team focused on getting Atomic Heart into the hands of gamers everywhere. 175 134 @Mundfish #AtomicHeart @mundfish 1,345 소 ₁146.9K We do not, and will not, condone contributors or spammers with offensive, hateful, discriminatory, violent, or threatening language or content. 3:34 AM - Jan 16, 2023-93.9K Views

On February 6th, 2023, the YouTube channel Harenko[3] uploaded a video titled "Please, Don't Buy Atomic Heart," in which they dive deep into the history of the studio and evidence supporting the assertion that the studio is a compromised asset of the Russian government and that the War in Ukraine will be partially funded and your personal data will be stolen if you play it, earning over 1.5 million views in two days (shown below).

On February 8th, 2023, the original claim of the YouTube video was then detailed in a Reddit post by the user u/Consistent-End-5640[5] on the /r/AtomicHeart subreddit in which and was brushed away as being part of generic data gathering in which the players who download the game have their data able to be accessed by their host country, purportedly a common practice in gaming (shown below).

Discussion Atomic Heart steals your data (self.atomicheart) submitted 14 hours ago by Consistent-End-5640 Hello my dear comrades, Today I wanted to discuss one quite sensitive question. For the past week I've seen topic which sounds something like *Atomic Heart steals your data, don't buy it» appear here and there. And as their main argument, these people try to use the fact that on the russian version of AH website you can find warnings that information may be shared with law enforcement. I'll try to explain why you can find it only on russian version of website. Mostly because those attempts to cancel Atomic Heart already getting on my nerves. First of all, you can't buy Atomic Heart in russian steam. Game just don't exist here. Yes, it is part of those partly absurd sanctions. But developers didn't left us without game. They moved it to VK Play. It's quite new game launcher which is part of russian social network called VK. Maybe you've already interacted with it. And since you we(russians) are buying game in VK, we had update on info sharing. But VK already did share info with law enforcement structures, if they need some. So nothing new for us here. So that's it. Hope it helped with understanding of this whole situation. And sorry for my terrible english in some places.

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