What is Scripulous Fingore? The meme explained

Who Or What Is Scripulous Fingore?

Word on the streets of social media says that an unused ghost enemy was found in the files of New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. The enemy is allegedly called Scripulous Fingore and his origins are seemingly shrouded in mystery, with even Shigeru Miyamoto purportedly refusing to comment on it. But how much of this is true? Read on to learn all about Scripulous Fingore.

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Who Or What Is Scripulous Fingore?

In April 2021, Twitter user @CutVideoGame shared two images of a strange gray-blue ghost character with a big pointing figure flying around in a level of New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. The post claims that the character is named Scripulous Fingore and was found fully coded in the files for the game. To make matters stranger, the user claims that when Miyamoto was asked about it, he became "unusually upset."

Unfortunately, this post is a hoax. The account is a parody of legitimate video game fact gimmick accounts that shares blatantly false video game discoveries. Scripulous Fingore is nothing more than a well-photoshopped invention of the account's imagination. The character actually bears a large resemblance to Graggle Simpson, a similarly fake character purportedly seen in The Simpsons.

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How Is Scripulous Fingore Used In Memes?

Although he's fake, Scripulous Fingore has still been embraced by memers. After the viral @CutVideoGame post, people became attached to the character and started drawing fan art depicting him, also Photoshopping him into new contexts. Most of the Photoshops imagine Fingore in various Mario games.

Since 2021, Fingore has only spread further as he continues to inspire memes. One of the most recent Scripulous Fingore memes shows the strange character with his finger raised, wagging it back and forth as if to say, "nuh uh." He's also appeared in some Friday Night Funkin' mods! Like Graggle Simpson, Fingore may not be canon, but the internet is doing all it can to make the unaware think otherwise.

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You can't hide from the truth forever...

For the full details on Scripulous Fingore, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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