Why Are People Googling The Meaning of 'Barriles?' Here's Your Answer And The Viral TikTok Behind It

Why Are People Googling The Meaning of 'Barriles?' Here's Your Answer And The Viral TikTok Behind It

A livestream comment section can be a brutal place sometimes. On April 17th, three TikTokers decided to read some of the hateful comments they were receiving and the video ended up going viral. One comment in particular caught the audience's attention, written in English and Spanish, making users search the meaning of the word "barriles" in Spanish.

Where Did 'Barriles' Come From?

On April 17th, 2023, TikTok user @deec97 uploaded a video titled "comment section on TikTok lives is ruthless." She was interacting with users on the livestream, along with two friends, and one person asked "where the modelos at?" (models in Spanish), to which they all said, "right here." The following comment made fun of the girls, as @deec97 read, "they said modelos not barriles." The video quickly gained 8 million plays.

@deec97 People on TikTok are ruthless 💀💀💀 Gotta laugh it off, el que se enoja pierde. 🥲🥲🥲 #fyp #parati #tiktoklive #envivo #viral @escobarem11 @lissetteugalde00 @jesseugalde_16 ♬ original sound – Dee

Why Are People Googling The Meaning of 'Barriles?'

The person behind the comment tried to make fun of the girls' weight using a Spanish word for barrels, "barriles." However, the TikToker took the joke and turned it into an opportunity to show how some online behavior can be harmful. She also pointed out in the caption of the video about the comments in the livestream that she's "gotta laugh it off" because "el que se enoja pierde" (the one who gets angry loses).

The virality of the video made some non-Spanish speakers confused about the terms used to mock the girls in the video (seen below). This led to an increase in the search term "barriles meaning in English" on Google, alongside the term "modelos in English."

Westindiesdrew What's barriles? Like barrels 1d atrás Responder Dee • Criador Yea 1d atrás Responder 2198 499 a WHAT DOES THAT MEAN 2d atrás Responder Visualizar mais respostas (27) 1149

For the full details on TikTok, be sure to check out our entry here for even more information.

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