Body Shaming

Body Shaming

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Body shaming refers to the practice of mocking or insulting others for their body type, which includes fat shaming, fit shaming and thin shaming.


In the context of Internet meme culture, obesity has been a popular subject of online mockeries and ridicule on discussion forums and imageboards, such as 4chan, since as early as 2007 through expressions like "man the harpoons" and "a wild snorlax appears!" (shown below).



In early 2010, the Fat Girl advice animal character first appeared on Reddit with captions shaming and mocking stereotypes that are often associated with obese people (shown below, right).


On May 17th, 2012, feminist YouTuber Laci Green uploaded a video titled "Fat Shame," in which she criticized using the word "fat" as a pejorative, promoted the HAES approach to health and urged people to "love their body" (shown below). In the first two years, the video received more than 830,000 views and 6,500 comments.

On October 19th, 2013, Urban Dictionary[1] user Kanade-chan submitted an entry for "fat shaming," defining it as "A term made by obese people to avoid responsibility to actually take proper care of their body." On October 30th, YouTuber Philip DeFranco uploaded a video titled "Fat Shaming in America," in which he criticized those who equated fitness inspiration to fat shaming (shown below). In eight months, the video gained over 600,000 views and 7,000 comments. On December 23rd, BuzzFeed[2] published a listicle titled "19 Times People Got Body-Shamed in 2014."

Fit Shaming

Following the emergence of fat acceptance movement in the social justice blogosphere around the turn of the decade, criticisms of fat shaming continue to gain popular consensus, which in turn prompted counter-reactions against "fit shaming" from online fitness communities. On November 1st, 2012, Redditor HughMerlin submitted a Facebook screenshot titled "Swole Hate/Shaming on FB," featuring a photograph of a man and women showing their abdominal muscles juxtaposed with disparaging comments made by Facebook users criticizing their appearance. Prior to being archived, the post garnered upwards of 1,000 upvotes and 220 comments on the /r/swoleacceptance[3] subreddit.

abs to look like that, wouldn't we be born that way instead of with protective fat over them?? HAHAHA HARDWORK/ DEDICATION Spartan Race Liked . 3 hours ago 2 hours ago Like 2 Scott Slonski Looks like they went to Barry Bond's garage sale 2 hours ago . Like 3 Think twice before you eat that candy bar. _ with Domenic Rotenberg, Bori Tica, Sam Miller and 37 Elle Pennell Gross 2 hours ago . Like re Mark Anthony Kirby not sure why any chick would want abs like that, much less do all the work for them. #losing 2 hours ago Like s 3 10,930 people like this. Elle Pennell Its not hard work or dedication. Its obsession, anorexia unhealthy, trust me, been there. Very happy that I survived, when my Dr thought I might die if I didn't start eating. This picture is an abomination and Gavin Hughes Just going to stick my fingers down mu throat to get rid of it. Working hard bad diet. Thats me 2 hours ago Like 1 Anthony Decesare Nothing there to hold on to, need a little meat on her bones 2 hours ago . Like 3 2 hours ago . Like . 1 Chris SwampWolf Cosby chicks straight nasty and dude is blown out on roids lol Dallin Jensen I think that isn't sexy on a girl at all. HAha sorry 2 hours ago Like 4 2 hours ago Like 1 Jessica Saravia-Dean Sorry but women are meant to have curves. I'm sure getting to that point for her was tons of work, but it's not sexy to look at in the least. At least thats my opinion. 2 hours ago . Like . 8 Steven Scoobynutt Baril i wouldn't want to be with a woman who feels like a guy, with 2 hours ago . Like . 5 James Stoyer Photoshop is a hell of a drug 2 hours ago Like 2 Manny Corrales If its to much work, it's not worth it. I'll keep on eating my Mc Donald's 2 hours ago . Like Simon L Ward Those pictures are very dearly Jose Herrera I don't think the human body is meant to look like that. 2 hours ago Like 1 2 hours ago . Like . 1 Sean Gaffney In a survival situation Fat people get thin. Thin people get eaten! 2 hours ago . Like David Nuckols The gal need to eat a sandwich, Im not finding that sexy. 2 hours ago Like 3 Miles Dail They say people with perfect abs will be the first to die when there is a food shortage 鼯 Jason Nishanian If you spend all your time in a gym, which results like this most likely require your life is not a life at all. Get out of the gym, eat in moderation. Life is too short. I'm not saying do crack, but I too want a body like that, I mean who really doesn't, but I'm not sacrificing my family or health to get it. about an hour ago . Like· 4 Joey Huff I bet it sounds like gears grinding with that. 2 hours ago Like 3 2 hours ago . Like 13 Larissa Brady Yay for steroids 2 hours ago . Like 8 bar means avoiding looking like her, I suggest you do it! 2 hours ago Like 37 ea Tavey Sullivan Roid Rage! 2 hours ago Like 2 Aidan Potskin chick has to give the illusion of having breasts for she only has pectorals 2 hours ago Like 2 Derek Reed That chick looks disgusting 2 hours ago Like 7 Darren S Gladden Really I bet they both stink Michele Rebelo I'd rather have boobs than her six pack, just sayin' 2 hours ago Like 1 12 Jeremy Cruz Asher No matter what you say that chicks d--- isn't big enough for me 2 hours ago Like 5 2 hours ago . Like . 3 Olivia Joell Olmos Sorry but that chick's abs are not attractive. She looks like a man! Mike Felix Scott That chick is gross 2 hours ago Like 3 Atha Mansoory gross. I bet her boobs are just more 2 hours ago Like 10 Sean Mansoory They probably don't have jobs. 2 hours ago . Like 4 2 hours ago Like 4

Various Examples

When Did This Become Hotter Than This?

When Did This Become Hotter Than This? is an image macro series comparing two sets of photographs featuring celebrities or famous subjects from two distinct time periods or generations. What began as a commentary on the ever-changing definition of beauty across generations, eventually led to online debates regarding the controversial issue of body images.

Keira Kirster Heidi When Did Ths Bettie ey Bee come Hotter Than This IS

Fit Mom Controversy

The “Fit Mom” Controversy refers to the online debate surrounding a Facebook photograph of Maria Kang, a mother of three and fitness blogger, posing in a bikini suit with her children and the caption at the top reading “What’s your excuse?” The image was accused of body shaming after it began widely circulating online in September 2012.

What's your excuse? 2 yrs 3 yrs RAINI 8 mths Mike Byerly Photography Like Comment Album: Profile Pictures Shared with: Public Open Photo Viewer Embed Post Maria Kang Let's inspire people everywhere with Maria Kang Like Comment Share September 17, 2012 -Casler and David Casler h2,747 people like this. 832 shares Report

Bikini Bridge

"Bikini Bridge" is a slang term used to describe a horizontal line that is formed on a woman’s bikini bottoms as a result of the suspended gap between the bikini and the lower abdomen. In January 2014, 4chan users launched "Operation Bikini Bridge" to promote photos of bikini bridges on social media, leading many to accuse the fad as a type of body shaming.

They Called Me Fat ul #bikinibridge 2014 showing off your bikini bridge he Feeling of a Bikin B ridge3 Budye usn't ahout beaut

Protein World's "Beach Body Ready" Ad

Protein World’s “Beach Body Ready” Ad refers to a London Underground weight loss product advertisement featuring a bikini-clad women with the message “Are you beach body ready?”, which was accused of “body shaming” and promoting “unrealistic body images” by activists in April 2015.



#FindDancingMan is a hashtag campaign launched by Twitter users in search of an overweight man who became a target of fat shaming after a photograph of him dancing at a music concert surfaced on 4chan in early March 2015. After the man was identified as London resident Sean O'Brien, a party was held in his honor by anti-bullying activists at the Avalon in Los Angeles, California.

□ Anonymous ID (2dHW w) | 02/13/15 Fri 13:30:20 No.4 1532441 41535420 >41535606 41535828 41536116 41536781 File: bell 41532772- 4153293 4 533214 41533253 4 53373 4153 624 53480 535047 4153529 415510 y.iog (278 KB, 1293x842) Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.


The /r/FatPeopleHate subreddit was a web forum highlighting user-submitted images mocking overweight and obese people, which was banned by Reddit administrators in June 2015. In May 2013, the /r/FatPeopleHate subreddit was launched. Over the next two years, the forum accumulated upwards of 150,000 subscribers with a subreddit rank of 230 according to Reddit Metrics.[4] During the summer of 2015, users on the subreddit began flooding Imgur with pictures mocking various Imgur employees' weight, which was purportedly done in retaliation for the removal of /r/fatpeoplehate submissions on the image-hosting service. On June 10th, Reddit posted an announcement[5] that they had removed /r/fatpeoplehate, along with four other subreddits, "based on their harassment of individuals." Within 24 hours, the announcement post had a score of "0" and over 28,600 comments, many of which expressed dismay with the decision to ban the subreddit. In retaliation, users flooded the site with replacement fat shaming subreddits, with each being banned shortly after creation.[6] Throughout the dat, the front page of /r/all/ was overrun with fat shaming images, posts criticizing the /r/fatpeoplehate ban and posts denouncing Reddit CEO Ellen Pao.

"Girl That I Like vs. Girls That Like Me"

On September 19th, 2017, Twitter user Leyton Mokgerepi shared a side-by-side photo of two South African fashion models, Joëlle Kayembe and Lesego Legobane, along with the caption "girl that I like vs. girls that like me."

Leyton Mokgerepi @imleyton Girls that I like vs Girls that like me 10:16 AM - 19 Sep 2017 from Midrand, South Africa

Just about an hour after Mokgerepi's tweet, Legobane, the South African plus-size model and blogger featured in the photograph, tersely replied: "I don't like you." In just over 48 hours, Legobane's tweet garnered more than 310,000 retweets and nearly one million likes.

lee @ThickLeeyonce I don't like you Leyton Mokgerepi @imleyton Girls that I like vs Girls that like me 11:34 AM -19 Sep 2017 310,215 Retweets 954,628 Likes Re㊨

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