atrioc caught and ai art pornography girl with it's so over meme.

Atrioc's Deepfakes And 'It's So Over' — A Look Back At The Week AI Pornography Discourse Took Over The Internet

In the movie world, there's a phenomenon called Twin Films in which, for whatever reason, two movies with similar plots come out at the same time (think the two or three versions of Pinocchio that came out last year).

A similar phenomenon struck this week in which two otherwise unrelated stories made AI porn the hot-button issue of late January 2023. As you may know by this point, Twitch streamer Atrioc got caught purchasing deepfake porn of his friends earlier this week. While that was going on, another section of the internet was debating just how prevalent AI could become in the pornography industry.

Both situations landed in some grey, murky territory, as AI has been challenged for its ethics in many fields, but now that discourse about AI in porn has shot to the forefront of social media, many have attempted to hash out what it means that computers seem pretty close to making realistic hot babes who have sex.

The Beginning

The week began when Twitter user @heartereum grabbed some hot babes off /r/unstable_diffusion and gleefully declared women were "SEETHING" about how realistic they were. "It's SO over," they cheerily said while showing some AI babes.

It became clear pretty quickly that women weren't "SEETHING" about the AI girls, but the verisimilitude of these ladies brought up an interesting question: is the appeal of pornography just looking at hot people doin' it, to the point where the hot people don't even have to be people?

Many people, particularly those who have worked in or around the sex industry, didn't feel particularly threatened by AI porn for various reasons. Many pointed out that people seek out pornography not just for hot babes but for the parasocial relationship they have with the performer. It seemed that no matter how advanced AI became, it wouldn't threaten the appeal of "interacting" (in some form or another) with a real human being.

Scientists: develop the most advanced commercial grade Al to solve real world problems Redditors making porn with it: oxetec.

Furthermore, there is already a wide swath of made-made pornography that doesn't feature actual people all over the internet (there's a reason Rule 34 exists, after all). Some contended that AI-women join a long list of women in drawings and CGI videos that merely form another niche in the wide sea of pornography available online. After all, if one wants to see "big boobs," they certainly don't need to turn to AI to get their wish.

rayne fisher-quann @raynefq the tech guys & woman haters posting gleefully abt how ai porn bots are coming for sex workers' incomes are very mistaken about why people pay for sex workers 8:30 PM. Jan 29, 2023 1.2M Views ●

Lastly, if there really are worried sex workers out there, they can be soothed by the fact that AI still has a tremendous problem with hands.

EddyisKongz @eddyiskongz Replying to @heartereum Who broke their fingers? Prob only give away its Al generated 10:33 AM Jan 28, 2023 182.6K Views :

The Atrioc Controversy

In the midst of the discourse surrounding women "SEETHING" over AI women supposedly erasing the need for pornography, a Twitch streamer made actual women seethe because it was revealed he had purchased deepfake pornography that used their likenesses.

Atrioc got caught mid-stream with a tab open to a website that featured deepfake pornography of other famous Twitch streamers like Pokimane, Maya Higa and QTCinderella. What followed was a barrage of jokes and discourse, all of which was certainly not aided by Atrioc jumping on Twitch to tearfully apologize about the incident with his wife.

Atrioc said he discovered the site by following an internet rabbit hole and was not regularly looking at pornography featuring popular streamers. Still, the damage had been done, and as one might imagine, this made the women Atrioc was caught "peeping" at furious, particularly because several knew him personally.

QTCinderella @qtcinderella I want to scream. Stop. Everybody fucking stop. Stop spreading it. Stop advertising it. Stop. Being seen "naked" against your will should NOT BE A PART OF THIS JOB. Thank you to all the male internet "journalists" reporting on this issue. Fucking losers @HUN2R 2:29 PM Jan 30, 2023 3.3M Views

Atrioc eventually offered a much more composed apology in which he promised to work to get the site he was looking at and others like it off the internet, but the fiasco led to questions about the ethics of deepfake pornography.

Some argued the technology was akin to merely fantasizing about the celebrity, since they were not involved in the creation of the porn. Others said it wasn't all that different from Googling "X celebrity naked" and getting a picture of that celebrity's face on top of a naked body.

Others harshly condemned this line of thinking because, the creepiness of searching AI porn of one's friends aside, the women involved did not consent to being shown in that manner and the creation of deepfake porn using their likeness amounts to slander. The creation of deepfake porn is illegal in several states and a bill to make it illegal is working its way through the UK.

Kelly @kblaus In a turn of events that is surprising to literally no one, Twitch fans have no grasp of consent re: Atrioc apology after being exposed for paying to watch a deepfake video involving other streamers boyy: Chocpong @JJDM24-22h Replying to @JakeSucky wait are we hating on the guy because he watches porn?! like i get that he's watching deepfakes of people he's around but like.....wouldn't you do the same thing of classmates or teachers, or co workers? i don't understand why he's getting heat, maybe cause he got caught. idk 60 128 ♡ 46 41.7K fec 9:38 AM Jan 31, 2023 36.5K Views 00 Replying to @JakeSucky im confused why is he crying? why is the girl behind him crying? getting caught watching porn as an adult and crying about it is crazyyyyyyyyy 16 Idk 22 14 519 kora @Turmeric Bae 3h Replying to @JakeSucky this is just more comical than anything. poor who? @JohnHDoe9-22h Replying to @JakeSucky I'm torn. What's the difference between deep fakes and fantasizing? I think a vast majority of the population has fantasized about co-workers at some point. Just awkward it got exposed. 12 31.2K 95 ... 22.6K ↑

What All This Means

Humanity will certainly have to grapple with the ramifications of A.I. pornography in the coming years, but for the moment, it seems few are particularly worried that it will kill pornography as we know it. More concerning is where AI porn and actual human beings intersect. AI generates pornography by learning from actual human models, and these models are not consenting to or being compensated for their faces being used. Furthermore, deepfake pornography seems well on its way to getting restricted further as more legislatures in the United States and around the world outlaw its creation.

While AI may eventually get to a place where it can create competent pornography, it seems there's little reason to seek it out beyond novelty when there's plenty of legal, and in many cases, free pornography available across the web.

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