November 2023 meme of the month poll.

Cast Your Vote For November 2023's Meme Of The Month!

Winter is nearly upon us, and as Mariah Carey finishes defrosting and Santa Deniers are compiling their lists of false evidence, we here have one last bit of business to attend to before we can let the fall go. Picking the best meme of November must be a tough choice for many this month, but we've got a hunch that quite a lot of you have already decided who to vote for. Were you enjoying great moments with all your fellas? Who made you tear up: Vince McMahon crying of Gail Lewis saying goodbye to her Walmart colleagues? Will Lightning McQueen ever beat the allegations? Cast your vote and we'll see who takes this one.

The Meme of the Month is a poll commissioned by the Know Your Meme research staff at the end of each month to commemorate the single most notable meme that is on the rise, as determined by your vote and our community. For the past winners, please visit our archives here.

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