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Archives for my comment and forum images

Last posted May 15, 2023 at 05:30PM EDT. Added May 02, 2023 at 07:13PM EDT
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[I'm not posting this publicly as some grand exhibit of my epic jokes and gags over the years, only as an announcement to the userbase that the archives are available for anyone who wants them. None of you has to (or should) look at them. Not everything is OC.]

[Nothing is explicitly NSFW, but a lot of it is suggestive.]

COMMENT IMAGES (583): Google Drive | Dropbox |
FORUM IMAGES (90): Google Drive | Dropbox |

With the news that Imgur will be removing NSFW and old images starting May 15 (though only the "old" is relevant here, don't worry), I realized I had a lot of backing up to do if I ever want to see many of my old comments' images again. First, I individually saved all 148 pages of my recent activity on the Wayback Machine (which, despite the Internet Archive's legal trouble, I'm hoping stays up as an invaluable resource), but I noticed a problem. Embedded images from Imgur weren't saving properly most of the time. I hoped this would take care of the task of saving the images (and it still did for ones from other hosts), but with this revelation, I still had to manually save them. While undertaking this tedious task, I went ahead and also included ones I had posted from other sources (mainly Gyazo and Tumblr) in case they may also be gone someday and if they weren't properly saved on the Wayback Machine the first round (I didn't check if they already were, but extra backups can't hurt). I didn't bother saving native KYM images because I figure as long as the site is up, they'll be safe (my same wishful thinking as for the Internet Archive), and the Wayback Machine captured them just fine.

Another problem, as I've noted in forum posts here and here, is that recent activity pages only go back to April 2014, when the feature was introduced, leaving any activity of mine between then and my joining in October 2013 unaccounted for. I did some digging through Google, my own image comment pages, and images I remember commenting on, but I know there's stuff I didn't rediscover.

Note that I didn't include any of my meme research forum posts as I'm not particularly attached to them and they mostly consist of examples I found for potential meme entries.

Finding posts from files and vice versa:
The filenames correspond to KYM URLs (ignoring their extensions like .png and .gif) where you can find my original posts. If I had more than one image in a comment or forum post, a space is added to the end of each followed by a number (starting at 1), so ignore it when entering a URL. For comments, place the title number at the end of a URL like this: … For forum posts, add a slash / where the spaces are and place it at the end of a URL like this: … Ideally, if you see one of my comments or posts, the host will have been gracious enough to keep the image up, but if not, get the end of the URL for it (linked on the date) and check the archive (sortable by name and searchable by Ctrl+F). If it's not there, either I missed it or Google or Dropbox removed it for some reason. There's a small chance the Wayback Machine or another web archive has it, so check it with the post link, the image page or forum thread, and the image URL itself. If all else fails, I might remember what it was, so just ask me.

I realize how egotistical this may look to show off this monument to my autism (much of which I cringe at in hindsight) as if I'm uniquely important or interesting, but believe me, I'd have this whole damn site archived if there was a feasible way to do it. I just wanted to save what I could of mine and, since I have it, make it available to you too. If you see any posts of mine with images that aren't in the archives, please message me or reply here. There are currently 583 and 90 images in the comment and forum archives respectively, but I can add more. If you want, you can walk down my Memeory Lane and figure out what context on earth could've inspired some of these posts. I know I've been doing that.

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