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Words that live rent-free in your head.

Last posted May 25, 2024 at 05:26PM EDT. Added May 22, 2024 at 09:59AM EDT
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Exactly what it says on the title: post words that, for some reason, you can't forget and may constantly get brought up in your mind, either because they made an impression on you or you found them funny or thought-provoking. It can be from everywhere: media, music, and everyday life all forms are welcome as long as you explain why exactly the word lives rent-free is in your head.

I don't know if geographical names count but watching a lot of videos about Ukraine recently has made names like Robotyne and Pervomaiske pop up in my mind at the oddest moments.

There's also the word "asinine", which always struck me as the word you use when you want to call someone or something "stupid" but want to sound a bit more pretentious.

And gijinka, which I suddenly started seeing in completely unrelated places recently and has been stuck in my head ever since.

"Gormless." It randomly pops into my head every so often and for some reason I suddenly find myself saying it in my head when playing games.

"This foe is quite gormless, how shameful."

"You my good fellow lack gorm."

"Atomize", "Vaporize", "Annihilate", "Bludgeon", "Granulate", "Triturate", "Deflagrate", "Pyrolysis", "Perforate", "Decimate", " "Vivisect", "Flay", "Flagellate", "Putrefy" and the odd outliers here: "Pirouette" and "Contrabassoon"

Skelepathy. Gives the term "I can feel it in my bones" a broader meaning. It would also explain how living skeletons could see and move in fantasy settings.

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It might sound random, and it pretty much is – Spenix.

It's a word I heard in a gmod video and apparently somebody made a watch accessory brand out of the word (which looks like it's just reselling cheap chinese parts for a premium like every other place)

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Sir Snakeboat wrote:

"throngler", it just sounds so fucking stupid

you for sure don't want to be on the wrong end of it

For reference.

I'd say "skibidi", because it's even more confusing than the rest of the new slang.

I suppose it's about time I also shared my own.

(from a very old PewDiePie Scare compilation video)

I feel like a mothafuckin, sock… In this D U C K, it makes me wanna quack like… (Notices something ominous) What the fuck is that?

Oh, hello tickling each other (picture of two buff guys hugging). Oh, give a hu- (jumpscare) NEIGEN! No hug for you! No hug for you.

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