Absolute Cinema / Kino Is Served meme depicting director Martin Scorsese raising his hands.

Absolute Cinema / Kino Is Served

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Absolute Cinema is a reaction image of film director Martin Scorsese raising his hands captioned with the catchphrase. Online, the black-and-white image has frequently been used to positively comment on dramatic events in sports matches, as well as on films, shows and video games that one considers to be of high quality. In September 2023, the greentext format Kino Is Served, also based on the image, achieved minor virality. The meme is similar to This Is Cinema, another reaction image format based on a photograph of Scorsese.


On January 2nd, 2020, The New York Times[1] published an interview with film director Martin Scorsese. In the interview, a black-and-white photograph of Scorsese lifting his hands appears (shown below, left).

Prior to March 21st, 2023, an unknown user captioned the image "Absolute Cinema," creating a derivative version of This Is Cinema meme (shown below, right). Also on March 21st, X[2] user aj_larocca made the earliest found post of the image online, which did not gain significant engagement.



On March 23rd, 2023, X[3] user @_lalaxyz made the earliest notable post using the image, reacting to a post about The Shining. The post (shown below, left) received over 410 likes in eight months. On April 16th, X[4] user @Br32 used the image in a post about NBA player Russell Westbrook that received over 200 reposts and 5,000 likes in seven months (shown below, right).

LALA LALA @_lalaxyz This thread alone is...ALL CAPS ABSOLUTE CINEMA. Thank you for sharing the story behind The Shining, one of the best horror movies of all time! ABSOLUTE CINEMA 12:58 PM - May 23, 2023 112.9K Views lad wizards brian @_Br32 Westbrook offense vs defense 8:52 22 RENORSIK Parad 10:53 PM. Apr 16, 2023 · 150K Views ABSOLUTE CINEMA :

Throughout 2023, the reaction image maintained significant virality online, being used to react to dramatic sports matches, as well as to films, games and other media one considers great.

Kino Is Served

On September 17th, 2023, X[5] user @hayasaka_aryan made a post about slice-of-life anime written in the style of a greentext that used the photograph and ended with the line "Kino is served." The post (shown below) received over 470 reposts and 4,900 likes in six weeks.

Kaguya's Top Gal @hayasaka_aryan >slice of life anime >with beach, hot springs and school festival episodes >nothing happens Kino is served 6:06 PM. Sep 17, 2023 103.9K Views

In the following weeks, the format achieved minor popularity on X. For example, a post about the anime series Goblin Slayer made by user @TopGyaru on October 17th, 2023, accumulated over 750 reposts and 7,400 likes on X[6] in two weeks.

Various Examples

ABSOLUTE CINEMA Kinho @kinhomugiwara . Jul 21 FINALMENTE GARP E ROGER DO LIVE ACTION DE ONE PIECE #ONEPIECE ONE PIECE ONE PIECE 33 Sla @yhan451 t 155 ABSOLUTE CINEMA 9:09 PM Jul 21, 2023 1,942 Views . B ❤ 2.1K THE ₁43K NETFLIX NETFLIX ... 口企 pang : Elena @Barcelenaa 2121 Killers of the Flower Moon could've been 3 hours longer and I still would've watched without blinking. De Niro did one of the best jobs of his career, Leo was great, as were the technical aspects of the film. God I love it when Scorsese decides to tell an epic story. The GOAT. 5:45 AM. Oct 20, 2023 16.9K Views 18 FAC : ABSOLUTE CINEMA
f+ @ohfold fighting my demons music video ABSOLUTE CINEMA 9:59 PM Oct 31, 2023 38.4K Views : KRONNOZOMBER @Kronnomc Los críticos: La película de FNAF es Genérica y somnífera Los fans: ABSOLUTE CINEMA 11:51 PM . Oct 28, 2023 370K Views Maririn~ @TopGyaru >Anime named Goblin Slayer >Main character is named Goblin Slayer >He slays goblins Kino is served ABSOLUTE CINEMA 2:31 PM . Oct 17, 2023 126.1K Views :



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