Ahegao Double Peace

Ahegao Double Peace

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Ahegao Double Peace (Japanese: アヘ顔ダブルピース or アヘ顔Wピース; abbr. ADP or AWP), sometimes translated as "Ahegao Double V-Signs", refers to a pose in which the subject makes V hand gestures, better known as peace signs in Japan[1], while wearing an Ahegao facial expression. Since mid-2010, the pose has become iconic in online hentai communities as parody illustrations.


In hentai manga, particularly in the Netorare genre, women making the popular peace sign gesture during/after sexual intercourse have been frequently depicted in various works. According to Pixiv Encyclopedia[2], the first notable occurrence to combine the post with Ahegao, another iconic facial expression which had established its concept in the hentai subculture in late 2000s, was the adult game My Faithful Futanari Girlfriend Got Highly addicted to The Farming Uncle's Hentai Training and Sent Me An Ahegao Peace-Sign Video Letter (信じて送り出したフタナリ彼女が農家の叔父さんの変態調教にドハマリしてアヘ顔ピースビデオレターを送ってくるなんて…, Shinjite Okuridashita Futanari Kanojo ga Nouka no Ojisan no Hentai Choukyou ni Dohamarishite Ahegao Peace Video Letter wo Okutte Kuru Nante…). This video game, usually called Futa Letter for short, was released in April 2010 by a Japanese doujin circle Hrathnir, in which the game's heroine Asuna Yamaguchi is depicted making the "Ahegao Peace-Sign" (shown below).

Asuna's Ahegao Peace-Sign in Futa Letter


Prior to Futa Letter, the same double peace signs with Ahegao-like face was often struck by Japanese idol/actor Shingo Katori[3] in 2009 TV drama adaptation for popular manga series Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo[4] (shown below, left), and his ridiculous face caught an attention as well as his awful acting in those days. Also, Shimbo Nomura's gag manga in 1980s Tsurupika Hagemaru[5] sometimes showed the protagonist Hagemaru's double V signs with silly face (Shown below, right). These similar expressions in gag manga became to be mentioned as early examples of Ahegao Double Peace after the pose's popularization on the web in 2010s.

!! が っ さい とき 24歳の時に 「とどろけ!一番」で スマッシュヒット!! き,こ つるセコ いちばん 答案 二枚返し にまいがえ さいかはじ 29歳で描き始めた 「つるピカハゲ丸」 大ヒット11。 アニメにもなりました。 まる もうけた だい


Later that year, hentai creator Misakura Nankotsu (みさくらなんこつ) promoted Asuna's Ahegao Peace-Sign, leading the images to circulate on 2channel, Futaba Channel (2chan), niconico and Twitter.

On April 23rd, 2011, Kanimaru-kun, an official mascot character for the Kanie Town in Aichi Prefecture, was compared to the Ahegao Double Peace pose (shown below, left). The following month, the character Yuko Aioi in the anime television series Nichijou struck the iconic pose in its 8th episode of the show (shown below, center). Thereafter, Japanese online illustrator communities on Pixiv and Nico Nico Seiga circulated a vast amount of hentai and parody illustrations featuring the pose.[6][7] A Shift-JIS art for the pose, v(゜∀。)v , was also made in this period.
In 2013, the anime series WataMote also parodied the Ahegao Double Peace in the ending credits for the 5th episode of the program (shown below, right).

イズ 将のう 出身。 kう? 11信長 臣秀吉 徳川家康 3人とも、:

On May 25th, 2012, Takashi Otsuka[8], the director for TV anime Glitter Force/Smile PreCure![9], tweeted that he was feeling uncomfortable with some of the photoshopped images of the on-going child anime,[10][11] which many speculated referred to the Ahegao Double Peace depictions. Those images circulating on the social networking service and matome blogs were taken from 2chan or Pixiv (shown below).

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11投票結果に喜びを露わ!를 す る受賞渚達)
アヘ顔 ブレビス イダプ1ピース

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