Angry Soccer Fan (Tano Pasman)

Angry Soccer Fan (Tano Pasman)

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El “Tano” Pasman is an Argentinian man who became a viral video star in early June after his family uploaded a video of him passionately yelling and cursing at the TV while watching a soccer game between the prestigious River Plate and the B-league underdogs Belgrano. To everyone’s surprise, the game ended with the underdogs’ victory and River Plate moving down to the B-league for the first time, infuriating thousands of Plate supporters at the stadium as well as diehard fans like Pasman watching the game at home.


On June 28th, 2011, Argentinian football club River Plate played against the B-league underdogs Belgrano de Córdoba for the second leg of play-off match known as "Promoción," in which the losing team would be relegated to Nacional B league. The game ended in a 1–1 draw, leading to the relegation of River Plate to the B-league for the first time in its club history. The match came to a halt during injury time of the second half after a riot erupted in the stadium.

Meanwhile, River Plate supporters watching the game via broadcast were equally shocked and disappointed by the game's result, including this man whose reactions to his favorite team's loss were videotaped by his family members. Since being uploaded by YouTuber videtta[1] on July 8th, the angry soccer fan’s hilariously vulgar rant reached 1.7 million views within todays and over 7 million views in the span of three weeks. The below is an English-subtitled version of the original upload:


The video spawned a YouTube remix fad[2] that involves dubbing his rantings over some of the saddest scenes and moments from various popular films and TV shows, as well as memorable news events from the recent years.

The video series works in similar ways to the popular Rage Guy, as both memes frame a situation that provokes anger from the subject portrayed. On July 10th, an article about this video was published in the Deadspin[3] blog.

On July 11th, Tano Pasman was interviewed in the Argentinian TV show "PM", during which he discussed the video and was invited to recreate the scene live on camera. Since the show airs in the morning hours, he wasn't able to use the same insults that were heard in the video, but he used a number of TV-friendly insults that were suitable for all age groups. Because they were said in such a calm manner, his newer soundbites developed into something of hilarity as well.

On July 13th, the official Facebook page[4] was launched in tribute to El Tano Pasman, as well as the official Twitter account @TanoPasman[5] to keep track of notable remixes and developments surrounding the video.

On July 14th, a video generator website entitled "Tu Tano Pasman"[6] was launched, allowing visitors to create their own iterations of "Tano Pasman" dub videos.

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Tano Pasman viewing Mufasa's death in Lion King:

Tano Pasman learns of Michael Jackson's Death:

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