2/10 Would Not Bang

2/10 Would Not Bang

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2/10 Would Not Bang is an image macro series in which photos of physically attractive women (and occasionally men) are scrutinized for minor or imagined flaws, prefaced by an ironically low rating on a scale of one to ten. The images are meant to parody hypercritical judgments made about women’s sex appeal on the Internet.


The rise in popularity of the phrase "would not bang" can be attributed to the advice animal series Butthurt Dweller, which represents Internet commenters who are smug and judgmental about the physical appearance of others. On August 4th, 2011, a Butthurt Dweller Quickmeme[14] image was submitted with the caption "'That bitch got fat since high school, would not bang' / 90 lbs overweight" (shown left). On September 15th, another Butthurt Dweller image with the caption "6/10 / Would Not Bang" (shown right) was submitted to the image macro site Meme Generator.[12]


On January 3rd, 2012, a thread titled "Would not bang" was submitted to 4chan's[1] /b/ (random) board, which featured a photo of actress, model and WWE fighter Stacy Keibler.[2] The image was captioned in red text with criticisms of subtle details in the photo and the words "2/10 / Would Not Bang" in white. The thread received 545 replies prior to being archived, many of which included new versions of the meme.

2/10 eyebrow arch too extreme N Lip suddenly disappea before smile is finished red in comer of eye I could jump a 4 wheeler off that shoulder bulge breast not perfectly round Just look at these wrinkles Mismatched bra and panties c'mon we've been over this s--- already Grand inyon Visible space between arm bones white pillowcases, drapes and bedsheets REALLY? Not authentic quartz short bed JESUS CHRIST CALL THE FIRE MARSHALL WOULD NOT BANG

Precursor: Sharp Knees

On June 23rd, 2004, a photo gallery of Playboy model Carla Harvey was submitted to the Internet humor site Fark[13], to which user studman69 replied:

"I definitely would NOT hit it. Just look at those sharp knees. She is way below my standard."

The comment became an ironic catchphrase on the site and inspired photoshopped screenshots of the comment with images of unattractive men.

TOTALFARK.com: Comments Thingee (615698)-Microsoft Internet Explorer Fle Edt iew Favores Ios Hep O Back. O、回目价 search ☆ Favorites 、Media e Address | 실 http://foruns.fark.com/cgyfarklcomments.pl?ibunkm61 5698 Linls Go newsfilteror) BoBbies Estella Warren (not safe for work) Fark Parties Fark People Fark Gear Fark Personals Fark Personals Forum Farkers have clicked on the above link 255 times □Dont interpret HTML (no imagesinks) □Reverse comment order | refresh Community Farkback Fark on PDA FArO Fark New User Fark Edit User Privacy Policy Login: studmar69 Password: Comment: definitely ould NOT hit it. Just look at thoe sharp knees She is way belov y standar Top TML enabled add comment O Internet TOTALFARK.com: Comments Thingee (615698): Microsoft Internet Explorer Ele Edt Yiew Favortes Ioos Help Back» O·困目镒p Search ☆ Favorites卿Media e e- Address http:orums.fark.com/cgifark/comments.p1DLnk-615698 Links Go newsfilter0r) Bobies Estella Warren (not safe for work Fark Parties Fark People Fark Gear Fark Personals Fark Personals Forum Farkers have clicked on the above ink 255 times Dont interpret HTML (no imagesinks) □Reverse comment order | refresh Community Farkback Fark on PDA FArO Fark New User Fark Edit User Privacy Polic Login: studman69 Password: Comment: definitely ould NOT hit it Just look at those sharp knees. She is way belou my standar enabled add comment O Internet


On January 3rd, 2012, a post titled “2/10 would not bang girls” was submitted to the /r/4chan[3] subreddit, which included images from the original 4chan thread posted earlier that same day. On January 4th, a compilation of “would not bang” examples was submitted to FunnyJunk.[5] On January 7th, Body Building[7] forum user KuRdiSh created a thread titled “2/10 WOULD NOT BANG (pic)”, featuring the original image of Stacy Keibler from 4chan. On January 24th, the Internet humor blog UpRoxx[8] published an article titled “Meme Watch: ‘2/10, Would Not Bang’ Is Here to Help Point Out The Flaws You Might Have Missed”, which applauded the meme for parodying Internet commenters' hyper-criticism of beauty. The following day, Slacktory[9] writer Cole Stryker published an article titled "2/10 Would Not Bang: 4chan's Funniest New Meme", which included several examples of the series.

2/10 Hideous Mole nose bridge too straight edged WOULD NOT ips too large too high for head Jaw too angula Shoulder bone too prominant collar bone jutting out WOULD NOT BANG 2/10 WOULD NOT BANG droopy eyes hair is a mess needs brushing hasn't combed hair eye nose too high recently racagetoo thin for lovefat cheeks ugly ass freckles eing outs handles dent resulting from skin cancer cle 2/10 NOT BANG WOULD tan line sharp knees losing at chess

The meme has continued to spread on sites like FunnyJunk[16] and Tumblr[6] under the tag "#would not bang." As of April 24th, 2012, a Facebook[15] page for "2/10 Would NOT BANG" has received 192 likes.

Notable Examples

saying football when they mean soccer 2/10 eyebrows too thin Ls FOOTBALL AWARDS unevern smile too much clavicle arms too muscular .L cleavage too distracting WOULD NOT BANG 2/10 Awful Hairline Ring finger longer than index displaying exposure to larger amounts of Testosterone Anqular man jaw Floor cuts off into Magic Shop Manly McChin Huge Belt offers no support Arms as thick as thighs Mom Jorts VISIBLE CORD oration Disgusting flip flops Black line thingy has peeled off WOULD NOT BANG A strand of hair out of place. what the f--- is this s--- 2/10 Cheap foil handba WOULD NOT BANG ugly wallpaper ter rerlecion in glasses, probably spends au er time on 4chan. f------ ner Hipster chick glasses oothbr left on filthy shelf Smugfacejpg Doesn't keep discs inside the case Unmade bed Anime DVD's More belts/straps than a final fantasy character brics, plastic, clothing, etc al bunched together, massive fire hazard Scruffy sheets Unacceptable white fluff on top Poor space management Boxer's elbow
Unmaganeable hair Angry look. Probably has qrudge Look at these wrinkles oesn't shave gly wire Double chin Tried to photoshop nuscles 2/10 Would notbang ZEDDIE B5917 Massive ring on a woman CORRAL B dges Shittv wrists rat haircut rontal baldness s2/10 would not bang no trap LMAO BUCKTEETH dat gyno no abs not mirin using finger to ide waist flab MAN THIS CLOCK PROBABLYDOESNTEVEN WORK POORLY WRAPPED CHEAP MATERIALS 5 6 DOTHESE WIRES EVEN F------ DOANYTHING? WHATTHE HEIM 2/10 WOULD NOT BANG

Derivative: Would Bang

On January 23rd, a photo of Valve co-founder Gabe Newell featuring the caption "10/10, would bang" reached the front page of the /r/gaming[17] subreddit, accumulating over 800 up votes in less than 24 hours. Several other inverse editions of “would not bang” have since been created with unflattering photographs.

Dudes so rich clean cut hair he had custom glasses, one is By our founding f------ fathers IS smaller THAT A POLO SHIRT confident this man not. only has class, but style too ile Alpha chest hair 10/10 0 would bang ean bathroom Attractive EXPENSIVE glasses omg paint color Very natural posture cute hairstyle Sophisticated wrinkles in clothes OULD DEF BANG Suggestive tshirt f------ pristine paint job up here, guys well-lit living space open door to promote Healthy flow of air puts time into doing hair bright colored hair ties are fun and playful 10/10: WOULD BANG

Derivative: Would Not X

The phrase has spread to gain usage as the snowclone Would Not X, where X represents a variety of verbs that can be used with the image. On January 26th, The Huffington Post[10] published a post titled "2/10 Would Not Bang Meme: What Else Won't People Do?", which included variations of the series including "would not eat", "would not save" and "would not date" derivatives.

Too many sesame seeds 210 Health. Stuff falling out Foam? WOULD GRoSS rease Part of bun missin maggots or something 2/10 Left cockpit open Raise d in barn Crashed into swamp Bad haircut Angrya Too old Butt chin Forgot to turn off lights killing battery Belt buckle too plain Not funny/ironic Where the hell is this even going??? Sleeves too long Reckless WOULD NOT TRAIN ohte Father's lightsaber LUMPY HEAD 2/10 EYES T 00 ROUND Would not pet GROSSI HORT BODY SECRETIVE MOUTH GROSSNERAT CAT WATERMARKED www.peppercats.ru NCONGRUOUS 2/10 WOULD NOT HUG BREEDS ALL KINDS OF VERMIN IN HER MANE OFF-STANDING HAIR A TREE WITH ONLY 2 YELLOW LEAVES SCARY EYES WHEN SINGING DUETS COUNTER CLOCKWISE HAIR WHIRL: PROBABLY LEFT HOOVED BAD AT CHEERING TAKES CARE OF AFRAID OF HEIGHTS WILD ANIMALS: DANGER OF RABIES IS A YEAR OLDER THAN PINKIE PIE INFESTATION OF RATS BUTTERFLY TRAMP STAMP GOAT FAINT WHEN BEING SCARED

Search Interest

Searches for "would not bang" were relatively low in volume until January of 2012, the same month the earliest "2/10, would not bang" derivatives appeared.

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