Bubbles No Me Gusta

Bubbles No Me Gusta

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Bubbles' "No Me Gusta" refers to a scene from an episode of The Powerpuff Girls wherein Bubbles, one of the protagonists, utters the phrase "no me gusta" while with a facial expression remsembling the NO face. Upon its airing in late April 2016, the scene drew criticism from the fans for incorporating outdated memes, as well as spawning an exploitable meme based on a blank template of Bubble's face.


The scene was originally featured in the 11th episode of Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls titled Tiara Trouble[1], which aired on April 15th, 2016. In the episode, Bubbles gets groomed by her sisters Blossom and Buttercup for Townsville's beauty pageant, but amidst the growing pressures from her sisters to win the contest, Bubbles refuses to go along with their plan and yells "no me gusta!" with a look that resembles the "NO" face, both of which are well-known instances of the rage comic memeplex. That same day, YouTuber DiscordDiscord uploaded a clip of the scene, garnering over 150,000 views and more than 4,100 dislikes (as of April 26th, 2016).

Following the airing of the episode, the scene quickly prompted backlash from some fans who apparently misinterpreted Bubbles' face as an anti-semitic caricature due to its depiction of a prominent nose, as well as some meme elitists who criticized the production team's appropriation of Internet meme culture and the incongruous pairing of the phrase "no me gusta" and Bubble's "NO" facial expression, which are considered two distinct memes within the rage comic universe (show below, right).



On April 15th, 2016, YouTuber RebelTaxi ran a blog post on Tumblr which addressed the misconception of Bubbles' facial expression as an anti-semitic caricature and attributed its origin to the rage comics. Within 11 days, the post garnered over 3,000 notes as of April 26th, 2016.[2] On April 16th, an anonymous user on 4chan's /co/ imageboard started a thread asking others to share their reactions and criticisms to Bubbles' no me gusta scene.[5] Later that day, several screenshots of the thread were subsequently posted on Reddit's /r/4chan via Imgur, garnering over 304 points (96% upvoted) and 29 comments on Reddit[6] and more than 31,100 views on Imgur.[7]

File: 145 32354 gif (30 KB, 320x192) □ Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri22 04:42 No.81871858 2281872049 2281872101 2281872112 2281872121 쯔818721 281872400 81872493 281872565 2231872749 2281872775 281873382 -81873404 2281873499 331873507 2281873522 쯔61873632 쯔81873646 >)81873712 226187384S 2281873846 竺31573939ー81874018 >>8187407 >>818742 22818743互 IT NEVER STOPS https://rm youtube com/watch?v=x8w0E7J8G1U [Embed] □ Anonymous 04/15/16(Fn)22:58 05 No 81873445 File 1447547040343 (12 KB. 184x184) 88133 Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)22: 10.05 No.81872005 File: 1459382857082 png (125 KB, 500x406) And that's not even the WORST part 49 0:03 /0:04 NO ME GUSTA Powerpuff Girls (Clip) □ Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)22:11:37 No. 81872049 File: image.ng (65 KB, 400x360) cordDiscord □ Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)23:00:02 № 81 873507 File 1,700 (118 KB, 628x356) This is not even funny anymore + Add to Share More 14:s 25タ1201 It's just sad and desperate. that nose □ Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)22:27:04 No.81872509 81872538 NO. Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)22:33:43 No.81872716 File: 123214514 png (63 KB, 300x185) What a fresh meme they got there. We can hope for pepe by season 5 now. But maybe pedobear or duckroll can make it already was excited for this reboot when it was first announced olt has fallen so very, very far from □Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)23:35:45 No 81874731 This klls the man anything resembling good Slate Seriously? What is this, 2010? The New Powerpuff Girls Is So Self-Conscious About Its Feminism That It Forgets What Made the Original Great Goddamn this is disgusting The PowerpuffGirls (2016 TV series) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Polygon .. w.ven The Powerpuff Girls reboot loses what made the original so special Kids today could use some new heroes-but not these three The 'Powerpuff Girls' reboot lacks the sugar and spice of the original Polygon □ Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)21:08:14 No 81 870 101 File: 1436924839826 ng (68 KB, 940x529) 쯔81870120 쯔318702112281870214 쯔81872325 □ Anonymous 04/15/16(Fri)22:20:38 No.81872326 seven polygon criticizing it Dude are you kidding me? Tumblr f------ HATES this show Removing Bellum is sexist The Unicom episode is transphobic what the f---? you'd think they would be the ones whiteknighting this The memes are cringeworthy The animation is terible All things you can read in the ppg tag on tumblr 4chan and tumbir UNANIMOUSLY AGREE for once that something is garbage. That is incredibly telling

On April 17th, Redditor Men_cant_be_raped submitted the video clip of the scene in question to /r/CringeAnarchy[8], where it garnered 233 points (96% upvotes) and 115 comments. On April 19th, Twitter user SYM-PHO-GEAH[3] uploaded an edited version of Bubbles' face from the scene featuring the face of Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, which gathered over 600 retweets and over 500 likes within the first week. On April 20th, the tweet was subsequently reposted on Tumblr[4], where it gathered over 1,290 notes.


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