Cool Bug Fact's

Cool Bug Fact's

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Cool Bug Fact's is a series of image macros featuring a crudely illustrated computer-generated image of a caterpillar next to a nonsensical and/or aggressive statement.


The earliest known "Cool Bug Fact's" image was posted by Instagram [1] user @thicc.yoshi on December 19th, 2018. The image is captioned, "Why do I always wish I were somewhere else why can't I just be happy where I am. Look, if you're upset that this doesn't have more to do with bugs, please don't make things harder for me I'm already so tired." The post received more than 350 likes in less than two months (shown below).

Cool bug Facts Why do i always wish I Were somewhere else why ca'nt i just be happy where i am look if ur upset that this doesnt have more to do with bugs pleaes dont make things harder for me im already so tired


The following month, on January 8th, 2019, Redditor [2] Azoodles posted a variation of the meme in the /r/pyrocynical subreddit, changing the caption to "You dumb fucking cretin, you fucking fool, absolute fucking buffoon, you bumbling idiot. Fuck you." The post received more than 350 points (99% upvoted) in one month (shown below, left). That day, the meme was posted in /r/okbuddyretard subreddit,[3] garnering more than 3,100 points (99% upvoted) and 40 comments. Two days later, @meme.garfield posted the meme on Instagram,[4] receiving more than 4,900 likes in about one month.

On January 22nd, Redditor[5] KingHeinrich launched the /r/CoolBugFacts subreddit. On January 30th, Redditor[6] not_theilluminati posted a variation about the Israei-Palestinian conflict. The post received more than 200 points (99% upvoted) in 24 hours (shown below, center).

That day, Redditor[7] Paschal1 posted a variation featuring a lobster. They captioned the post, "More than 40% of families with a police officer experience domestic violence." The post received more than 380 points (97% upvoted) and 20 comments (shown below, right).

Cool buaFact's You dumb f------ cretin, you f------ fool absolute f------ buffoon, you bumbling idiot. F--- you. Cool bug Fact's As of October 201.7. Israel held 53 Palestinian aministrative 4etainees without charge or trial. aset on secret eviqence, many for prolonFe4中eriots. Israel jails many Palestinian etainees a prisoners, insife Israel, Violating international humanitarian law requiring that they not be transferres ovtsike the occupiet territory ant restrictins the ability of fanily members to visit :/w aw a/ wodkrounrnas/cat amers israelalcatothem. Do You Know? More than 40% of families with a police officer experience domestic violence Mom Junction

Various Examples

Cool bug Fact's i have seen the end of days and it was so very dark. a thousand stars all wicked out in an instant, a thousand voices screaming as we are all dragged into the black sky, alone, together, nothing Cool bug Fact's No one cares Cool bug Fact's You are a failure. An utter disgrace to the human race. Your face alone makes my stomach turn. Your parents should disown you, and make you live in a box like the pathetic p------------ you are.
Cool bug Fact's my dad is an alcoholic and my mom has anger ssues Cool Bug Fact! You do not deserve to be happy or feel loved Cool bug Fact's MY LOVE IS A SPEEDING HIGHWAY FILLED WITH ACCIDENTS AND WRECKAGE ITS COLD DOWN HERE



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