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North Korea

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North Korea, (조선민주주의인민공화국/朝鮮民主主義人民共和國 Democratic People's Republic of Korea) is an East Asian country which constitutes the northern half of the Korean peninsula. Although the country claims to be a Democratic-Socialist state, it is closer to a totalitarian dictatorship, with a notable cult-of-personality surrounding the Kim family since the country's establishment. As international tensions between the country and other nations rose in the 2010s, the country became the subject of many jokes and memes.


In 1894, the First Sino-Japanese War was fought between the Great Qing (present day China) and the Empire of Japan over the rule of the Kingdom of Joseon (present-day North and South Korea.) In 1910, Japan officially took over the Korean peninsula as part of their empire. In 1945, Japan was forced to surrender their rule on the peninsula following their loss in World War II. The Korean peninsula was then split into two halves by the then-newly formed United Nations, with the Soviet Union occupying the northern-half, and the United States occupying the southern-half. North Korea was officially formed in 1948, with Kim Il-Sung as its official leader, and the south, officially formed as the "Republic of Korea" with Syngman Rhee as its first president.

In 1950, with the indirect support of the Soviet Union, Kim Il-Sung commanded the invasion of the south, starting the Korean War. Near the end of 1951, North Korean victory seemed imminent, but the United States intervened, and pushed back the North Koreans. In 1952, it seemed as if the South would become victorious, but China helped push the South back. This prompted the formation of a demilitarized zone between the two halves, and July 27, 1953, both sides signed the Korean Armistice Agreement, which resulted in a stalemate. North Korea then slowly became more independent following the war.

In 1994, Kim Il-Sung died, and was replaced by his son, Kim Jong-Il. As early as the mid-1990's, the country began to involve itself with nuclear technology following the United States' new consideration of the country as a threat in the 2000's. In 2011, Kim Jong-Il died, and was succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-Un, current leader of North Korea. In 2011, North Korea announced its first successful test of a nuclear weapon, sparking controversy around the world. later in 2013, North Korea attempted to create intercontinental ballistic missiles, which sparked an international crisis.[1]

Notable Events

War Declaration

On July 6th, 2016, the United States announced that Kim Jong-Un had been placed on a list of sanctioned individuals for human rights abuses, noting that the North Korean government "continues to commit serious human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detention, forced labor and torture."[10] Days later, the North Korean government shut down its official means of communication with the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. On July 28th, the director of North Korea's United States affairs department told The Associated Press that the U.S. government had "crossed the red line" and effectively declared war by putting Kim Jong-Un on the sanctions list.

"The Obama administration went so far to have the impudence to challenge the supreme dignity of the DPRK in order to get rid of its unfavorable position during the political and military showdown with the DPRK. The United States has crossed the red line in our showdown. We regard this thrice-cursed crime as a declaration of war."

That day, a post about the North Korean diplomat's statements reached the front page of /r/news,[11] gathering upwards of 3,900 votes (89% upvoted) and 1,100 comments within 24 hours. Meanwhile, Twitter user @6PAPI[8] posted a tweet joking that the war declaration was a "distraction" from rapper Bobby Shmurda's 2-year imprisonment (shown below). The following day, Redditor FilthyPlagiarist submitted a picture of Kim Jong-Un riding a small wooden canoe with the caption "Breaking: Kim Jong-Un and the North Korean Navy Set Off to Invade the US" to /r/funny,[12] where it gained over 2,300 votes (90% upvoted) and 45 comments in less than 24 hours (shown below, right).

. Follow @6PAP north korea declaring war on the u.s is a distraction to make us forget that bobby shmurda has been locked up for 2yrs without a trial RETWEETS LIKES 1,793 2,162 7:48 PM -28 Jul 2016 t7 1.8K 2.2K 。.. BREAKING: Kim Jong-un and the North Korean Navy set off to invade the US

Online Presence

North Korea's official presence on the Internet at large is extremely limited, as most of the country's populus uses an Intranet system named Kwangmyong; most Internet connection in the country is limited to government officials as well as hackers hired by the government. The North Korean government runs the website Uriminzokkiri, which is connected to the government's Central News Agency.[2] Uriminzokkiri also runs profiles on sites such as YouTube and Twitter.[3][4] Several North Korean websites also exist for those outside the country, though many of them are blocked in their own country.[5]

Outside of its official Internet presence, many websites are dedicated to North Korea. Some websites, such as 38 North, have the intent of informing about the reclusive country, others approach more niche subjects; the website such as Pyongyang Traffic Girls, for example, focuses on the country's female traffic conductors.[6][7]

North Korean Internet Has 28 Websites

On Monday, September 19th, 2016, security engineer and GitHub Matt Bryant discovered a list of all websites available to people with internet access in North Korea.[13] There were 28. The following day, GitHub[14] posted the list of websites, and the list soon spread to Reddit [15] in a thread that acquired over 6,000 points in three days. Apparently leaked by mistake, many of the websites were down by Wednesday, likely because of intense spikes of traffic.[16] Discovered were sites such as Air Koryo, a North Korean airline, and Friend, which is assumed to be a Facebook clone for North Korea.[17]

English▼ Home | Login | Register 하 AIR KORYO Plan Flights Information Contact One Way Return Trip Adults(12+) Children(2-11) 0 Infants (0-2) From Depart Date 0 To Return Date Search Fares Shenyang (SHE) > Pyongyang (FNJ) 1140 CNY Shanghai (PVG) > Pyongyang (FNJ) 1840 CNY Beijing (BJS) > Pyongyang (FNJ 1680 CNY Vladivostok (vvo)> Pyongyang (FNJ) 230 USD ORang (RGO) > Pyongyang (FNJ) 80 USD Prices shown are basic fare, not including taxes. Airkoryo Offices Booking Guide Headquarter Beijing Shenyang Shanghai Kuala Lumpur Moscow Vladivostok Berlin Bangkok Kuwait EMERGENCY CALL 00850-2-381-2231 00850-2-381-2232 00850-2-381-2233 00850-2-381-2234 00850-2-381-2235 View More

The story was covered by many media outlets, including The Daily Dot, Vice, NPR,[18] CNBC,[19] USA Today,[20] and more.

Notable Memes and Events

Kim Il-Sung

Kim il-Sung (김일성 born 김성주 Kim Sŏng-ju) was the first leader of North Korea, ruling as the country's "president" from 1948, until his death in 1994. He does not have any memes yet, but may in the future.

Kim Jong-Il

Kim Jong-Il (born Юрий Ирсенович Ким Yuri Irsenovich Kim) was the second leader of North Korea, succeeding his father Kim Il-Sung in 1994 and ruling until his death in 2011. Although he was not as popular a subject of memes as his son Kim Jong-Un, he inspired at least one meme in the form of Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things.

Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un (김정은) is the third leader of North Korea, coming into power after his father's death in 2011. Due to his portly appearance and youth, Un has been the subject of various jokes and memes online, which include Hungry Kim Jong-Un, Kim Jong-Un Bent Over, and Kim Jong-Un Looking Through Binoculars.

Justin Bieber to North Korea

Justing Bieber to North Korea was a 2010 attempt by users of the imageboard 4chan to send the popstar Justin Beiber to North Korea through rigging a contest on the singer's website. North Korea was crowned the winner of the contest, although Bieber did not have a tour date in the country.

Vote Wall Contest JUSTIN BIEBER MY WORLD TOUR 1. WINNER BER 閤γ w舒尺し鲁T@UR WITH SPECIAL GUESTS HINGSTAN jessica jarrell SE NEW CD SHO KET INFO HERE TICKET INFO HERE INFO HERE TICKET INHO HERE TICKET INFO HERE SN ET INFO HERE TICKETN ACG AWAILABLE N BIEBERFE The My World Tour is an upcoming concert tour by Justin Bieber. It is his first official headlining tour, and is promoted by AEG Live, and Live Nation. The tour is anticipated to have multiple legs, and the supporting acts for the first will be Sean Kingston and Jessica Jarrell. Pop girl group The Stunners will also serve as an opening act for the first twenty dates. The tour is set to support his first release, My World, and its follow-up, My World 2.0. Who wants Justin the most? Decide now. CONTEST IS CLOSED. THE WINNER IS NORTH KOREA WITH 659448 VOTES

Operation North Korea

Operation North Korea was a series of 2013 breeches and hacks on various North Korean websites and social media profiles carried out by the Internet vigilante group Anonymous.

Anonsi Anonymous @Anonsj We Are Anonymous.We are Legion. We do not forgive or Forget Don't be late to Expect us! // #OpNorth Korea #Opla pan / Team : Hck4Team In Legion

2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment Hack

The 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment Hack was a cyberattack on the computer network of the company Sony Pictures Entertainment by North Korean hackers, which lead to the leak of a large number of confidential documents surrounding upcoming movies and employees of the company. The hack was carried out by North Korean hackers in response to The Interview, a film in which a journalist is sent to the country to assassinate Kim Jong-Un.

CI Hacked y GOP Warning: We've already warned you, and this is justa bedinnins We continue till our request be met. We've obtained all your Internal data Including your secrets and top secret If you don't obey us,we'll release data shown below t Determine what will you do till November me 24th, 11:00 PM(GM. Data Link: o the worl https:/ zip http://moodle.aniversidadebemat br/

Best Korea

Best Korea is a phrase used ironically praise North Korea as the superior country of the two Koreas. The phrase derives from North Korea's infamous and widespread use of idealistic propaganda about itself.



/r/Pyongyang is a satirical subreddit which claims to be an official arm of the North Korean government. The subreddit is infamously known for its strict censorship and ban policies on those who speak negatively of North Korea.

PYONGYANG DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA NET to pin? login or register In so s 1 English what's hotnew l controversaltopsaved Joint New Year Editorial for Juche 101 (2012) ★ KCNA unveils Joint New Year Editorial for luche 101 (2012) 〔 1 18 submitted 2 days ago by *Eternal President of the Repubic *Keun-sung ★ Dedicated to the memory of great leader Comrade Kim Jong-il ★ Ceremony of Bidding Last Farewell to Kim Jong Il Held (kos ap) 22 comments share 2 15 submitted 3 days ago by ★ Eternal President of the Republic ★ KimP-sung 8 submitted 5 days ago by ★ Eternal President of the Repubic * Kim-11-sung search reddit ★ Funeral procession of great leader Comrade Kim Jong-il 4 149 suomitted 6 days ago by ★Eternal President of the RepubickKmJi-org 247 comments share password remember me reset password ★ IN MEMORY OF THE GREAT LEADER COMRADE KIM JONG IL 1942-2011 (K 6 5 submitted 6 days ago by ★ eternal President of the Republic ★om-n-sung 49 comments share ★ Kim Il Sung's Career Remembered by 400 Countries (kene.co미주주。 Pyongyang subecribe 2,329 comrades

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